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Alternative to antibiotics for gumboil (=abscess) ?

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Hi. My wife has a gumboil and is BF-ing our 21 month old DD. She has been prescribed the antibiotic amoxicillin by her dentist, to be taken over a period of 1 week. The prospectus says "no known negative effects" to DD, except for possibly developing over sensitiveness to the antibiotic.
Obviously, the dentist wants to attack the problem as quickly as possible, but we were wondering whether anyone could suggest any alternative treatment ...? Thanks ahead if you come up with anything.

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Not sure what this is exactly? Is it raised? Is it next to a root canal?

Gargling with warm salt water several times/day will help. Any infection in the body can be treated with vitamin C to bowel tolerance. A buffered form like sodium ascorbate is preferred.

But the best form of C would be an IV or the new liposomal version. Also look into colloidal silver, not sure what you have available in your country.

Having had my health and my DS's health ruined by antibiotics, I see them as a last resort too. If both your DW and DD are healthy and strong and don't have a history of antibiotic usage or yeast problems it might be fine (plus lots of probiotics) but then again they are a slippery slope.
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Thanks for your reply.

Parulis or Gumboil:
A small boil or abscess on the gum, often resulting from tooth decay.
(I translated the dentist's term "flemón" from Spanish).

It is raised in that there is a swelling on the outer side of the gum. The infection is above the root (being an upper molar) and appears to be due to an unsuccessful root canal.

"the best form of C would be an IV" - you got me there

It won't take me long to find out whatever is available in our country of residence.

DW and DD (I know these abbreviations ) are indeed healthy and strong, though DD (21 months) has a heavy cold with a lot of catarrh right now. I'm sorry to read your bad experience with antibiotics ; in general in our household, any pharmaceutical drug is a last resort.
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iodine, topically, should help. colloidal silver would work if you can't find iodine. clove oil topically would help the pain. goldenseal paste would help too, but it tastes awful. if your wife takes the abx, then she and the child will need to be alert to the symptoms of thrush.
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Olive Leaf Tincture
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