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that "experiment" that adults can try if they want to do Ezzo on their kid? I can't remember what thread it was in.

Also can everyone list or link their antiezzo stuff? If you have time, I mean. I have www.ezzo.info, but that is all. I am NOT going back to the Mother of Multiples club meeting without info in my purse.

It may be to late to save all of them but I can at least try to save the pregnant ones. That is a joke. I really just want to help moms like me who might be doubting themselves in the face of the forceful Ezzo propaganda.
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Here's the thread with the 'experiment':


Sorry, don't have any anti-ezzo links. Doesn't Alexander have one in her sig?
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Thanks!!! That thread has good links too. Alexander's link is the same one I had already though (he's a boy too- we don't have many of those, huh?).
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I cant believe what i just read. all this time i heard members talk about ezzo, etc. i had no idea how awful it is.

I am definitely more mainstream than alot of folks here at MDC, but after reading parts of the link, i think i might very well be alot like you guys! can you wait while i run outside and hug a tree.....

watch, next i'll want to vote democrat
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Originally posted by sweetbaby3
can you wait while i run outside and hug a tree.....
watch, next i'll want to vote democrat
:LOL that's funny!!

I'm definitely a whole lot crunchier than i used to be before hangin' out with all these luvable, tree-hugging mamas, tee hee!
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When people wonder why some who would do CIO would even post here, maybe they should compare the Ezzo way to the way of someone who did limited CIO and see if they are the same.

Yes, I let my babies cry but ONLY after they were fed on demand as often as they needed and only for a very short period of time, and only because I felt this was the best way to meet my children's needs for sleep. (We don't have to get into a debate over whether i was right)

I also:
Engaged in Child led weaning

Have an "Open Bed" policy.

Believe that a child's needs come first in the family, not after the need of the parent's "relationship".

Believe that there is no need to punish a child and that punishment is wrong. I practice GD.

Hope you can see why even some who have SOME different practices are still on the same page with all of you most of the time and think that Ezzo is an evil man.
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I had never ever met someone who practiced ezzo until today. I heard stories but it just didn't seem real. You would want to cry if I told you what all they were saying. They kept saying very forcefully at the end to the pregnant woman, You are the boss! Not the baby! I was thinking, huh? They are employees? Then how come I'm doing all the work around here?

Seriously, they spoke like their kids were the enemy and they had to stay on their toes to be sure they didn't get the upperhand. One woman said, When I nursed, it was all business, none of that bonding stuff, just for food. Then later she was talking about how she didn't feel bonded to her twins. I wanted to scream, OF COURSE NOT!!! YOU REFUSED TO BOND!!! So sad.. not just for the kids, but also for the mothers. She might run a tight ship, but where's the love?

I told dh I felt like I just left a training session for baby boot camp.

BTW, the pregnant woman decided to try the sidecar arraingement after talking to me. I knew she was salvagable because she said she was looking forward to breastfeeding.

I was really upset and dh said maybe I shouldn't go back, but I said, What if they convince some poor mom that really wants to do right, that she is wrong? I couldn't live with myself. It is 2 hours once a month. I can steele myself for that short a time, right?
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It is funny but Ezzo was VERY big in our church about 8-10 years ago. It was almost a heaven or hell issue for some people which bothered me immediately. In fact, it was taught that if someone didn't follow his method that you shouldn't let your kid's play with them. How sad is that?

Even though I was never fully comfortable with the Ezzo-ideas I was going to go with it for my children because all my friend's swore by it for raising children the "right way" and they had/have great kids so I couldn't argue with the success. Until I read a Christian magazine that broke down the Ezzo philosophy point by point and disputed them. But what even made my mind up more was when I showed the magazine to one of my "Ezzo friends" and he refused to read the article. To so indoctrinate someone that they refuse to look at all sides of an issue is JUST PLAIN WRONG and that is how the Ezzo's taught.
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There is a woman in our playgroup who has followed Ezzo's way with all three of her children. They are the saddest, angriest children I have *ever* seen. I just want to cry when I hear about some of the things she does/says to her children.

Good luck if you go to another meeting.
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They kept saying very forcefully at the end to the pregnant woman, You are the boss! Not the baby! I was thinking, huh? They are employees? Then how come I'm doing all the work around here?
LOL! I feel that way *all* the time when DD says "I have to do everything" referring to the fact that after I cooked, served & cleaned up a meal she has to put her own dishes in the dishwasher.
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I thought about it later, and I think people who do schedules don't bother me so much usually. But it was the attitude that this was the ONLY way to treat a baby and they acted like if you didn't something terrible would happen. It does seem cult like to me. How else can you explain devotion to something that most Christian organizations, the AAP, and other experts in the field of child care all denounce?

Very sad. I keep thinking about what they said about not bonding with their babies. I feel very fortunate to have the info I have at my disposal.
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