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The poor babe!!

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i just had to share that a friend of mine just had her baby 2 months ago. She chose to have him circumsized and so far he has had three procedures!! In two months!! To get his poor little penis to "look right". It still isn't right so he may have to have more. The doctor tells my friend that the circumcition was hard because her boy has a "thick foreskin".

I feel so bad for the baby

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Jamie- Please print out or forward the pictures from this link to your friend and please ask her to stop cutting now! His penis will grow for another two decades- what looks funny is the only sex organ he is going to get. If he does not like the results when his penis is done growing- he can sue for damage, but for her to keep cutting to try to make things better- what is she thinking?

Please ask her to stop cutting. That doctor is a quack and should be sued, get the medical records and keep them for when he get the right age to sue. The reason why the circumcision was done wrong was because the person who did it did it wrong, those knives and clamps don't care what it is they are cutting through, to try to place the responsibility of plain malpractice on the anatomy of a tiny helpless baby- as if it is HIS FAULT- it inconcievable.

Love Sarah
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How horrible! Poor little guy...
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tough foreskin? HA! Sounds like the doctor botched and the parents just don't know better.Poor little boy.Hugs for him.
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Without a Doubt - Of Course the doctor botched. Show me one baby who doesn't have silky soft baby skin ALL OVER his body. Thick foreskin - yeah right....
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I wasn't thinking "thick" as in caloused I was thinking as in just plain thick as in layers. Of course, the foreskin is double-layered when flacid and that includes babies whose foreskin is still sealed down. I think that is just a big excuse to continue the cutting. With ANYthing you're going to cut to "look right"- and I hate to make this analogy, but for instance a haircut- we all know that if you keep at it you're going to end up with less and less and it will just turn out BAD! LIke "Just snip that little bit there..." and whoops! I cut to much, so lets cut the other side to match, etc. UGH!
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About the pics Sarah posted:

All intact boys I've seen who are intact and have a fat pad still do not retract back into the abdomen like that. Part of that is the circ itself, I think. But I know it CAN happen- I just haven't seen it.

Also, notice how when they're "popping it out" in the middle pics, the glans are still shiney- from being constantly covered inside. The last photos you can see how they are starting to become dried out.

I knew somone last year who had a son with a burried penis. He was circ'd. His penis looked like a belly button. Just a little indentation and/or flat where the penis should be. She would pop it out at diaper changes too. I did mention to her why this was- because of his circ- but that's all I really could do/say. She already really hadn't wanted to circ in the first place, but her "dh insisted". This baby was about 5 months at the time.
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