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Prolactin levels and ttc......

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Ok, so I've been thinking about this prolactin level thing. Does it cause problems Oing or is it in conceiving. I'm almost positive I'm Oing...F nad babymed say that I am. And I have been pg while bfing.

But do prolactin levels very? I still bf quite a bit.

For some reason I jsut have this feeling I will not get pg again until I stop bfing. I'm not going to stop so I can get pg....I have decided to let ds self wean...and I'm sticking to that.

Anyway, if I'm Oing and I've have been pg....could prolactin be my problem....and could it have caused my m/c??
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I'm not an expert, but I did look into the issue quite a bit before becoming pg while bfing ds. Prolactin will not cause a miscarrage, but it can prevent you from becoming pg even if you are O'ing. It can also cause the egg not to properly implant. From what I understand the problems occur before the egg is actually fertillized, so weaning as soon as you find out you are pg doesn't make a difference. I'm sure I am not explaining myself well due to a combination of lack of sleep and pregnancy brain so here are a few of the links I have on the subject (I lost most in one of our many reinstalls)

FWIW I found it took me 3 cycles (I ovulated before my first AF at 15 months PP) to concieve this baby. My cycles were about 50 days for the first 2 months. My first O I conceived, but had a LP of 8 days, so never maintained the pg. The next cycle I didn't conceive, then the next I did, but had an early m/c (5 weeks I think). I conceived again 19 days after the m/c was complete (it was more like a 9 day, heavy AF) with this pg (I am 25 weeks). The timeline will vary from woman to woman. If you are alread ovulating you are probably ahead of the game and might not have to wait until your ds weans himself. Maybe once he is a little older and nursing a little less your prolactin levels will drop a little more (enough to maintain a pg). It will also make a big difference how much he nurses at night (many mothers find that makes a big differnce).
Sorry for the long, incoherent, rambling message, but I hope it helps
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You were not incoherent at all

Ds nurses almost constantly at night. I was planning on night weaning him 2 weeks ago but it didn't feel like the right time..kwim?

Ok, so maybe that is why I had the chem pg.... hmmmm.... I don't know.... I'm going to try and night wean ds in about another 2 weeks. I can tell he doesn't want to wake up and doesn't want to nurse but he knows it puts him right back out. So, I think he is about ready. The thing that scares me is that the night nursing might be causing the problems and I might actually get pg again!! kwim?

Anywa, thatnks for the info and the lilnks!!
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Keep in mind that young children often will go through phases of frequent nightwaking and periods of better sleep. I got pregnant during one of those times of better sleep (which has since ended LOL). Also, I didn't want to become pregnant (or have my cycles return) until it happened naturally. My ds is very spirited and I figured when it happened naturally that meant he was ready for a sibling. I was having lots of crazy pregnancy-like symptoms from about 10 months PP (got pg at 20 mo PP) so I started taking EPO to regulate those symptoms. Within a month AF returned (I never realized it could have that kind of effect). I was also taking RRL tea daily, which probably sped things along for me (again didn't realize until after it was good for fertility LOL). Now I know that many women have success using those two things to help in the bumpy road to full fertility, so that might work for you. Also, for many women one period of 6-8 hours per 24 hours will be enough to become pregnant. I just don't want you to feel you have to nightwean in order to get pregnant when there are other things that might be helpful for you (of course if you are nightweaning for other reasons then nevermind ).

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I'm actually nightweaning for other reasons... Ds is a horrible sleeper. He wakes about every hour...for a 13 month old I would assume that is a lot!! An instance is last night. He wakes up. I get in his bed. He wiggles around and tosses and turns. Then he reluctantly latches on. I can tell he doesn't like waking up and doesn't really want to nurse.

I think he needs help.....I'm not going to force it on him but I'll try it out and if he doesn't take to it....I'll just live with the night the way it is until he is ready!
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