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Does anyone wear an apron?

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I spend a lot of time in the kitchen. : Almost everything we eat is homemade, and my kids seem to eat 6 times a day, so it all adds up to a pretty messy job. I wash my clothes so much and always have some sortof goo on me.
Dh suggested an apron, but even if I could get some hip ones, wouldn't it just be something else to wash? Or, since I use cloth towel, rags, etc in the kitchen, would it just be a wearable dishrag and save laundry?
Has anyone ever seen aprons that are functional but not dowdy?
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I use an apron! My sister bought me one for Christmas that says "Beautiful Bride" on it (don't know what she was thinking, but hey). Dh thinks I look cute in it. : It has kept my clothes a lot cleaner.
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I wear one every time I cook, which is at least dinner, if not lunch, plus baking, which I do 2-4 times a week. I inherited a few aprons from my Mom, one was given to me as a wedding present, and another is actually a grocery store clerk apron. I don't wash them every time I wear them. About every 4-5 wears, I suppose. My clothes are soooo much less stained now that I always wear one.

Mine all go over my neck, I don't wear the ones that just go up to my waist.
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Yep, all the time. I am a real messy cook. I have purchased some really cute aprons from Ross and Marshalls.
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I have several aprons and wear them for both kitchen tasks and cleaning chores.
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Don't know if you sew, or know someone who does, but Amy Butler sells a really cute apron pattern. I think it's called the Cafe Apron. (Doesn't hurt that her fabrics are *SO* cute!) :
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I currently have one apron my mom made for me ( it's black with chili peppers all over it ) and I plan to make more. It's so much easier to add one more thing to the laundry then try and get stains out of my clothes. DD has been "helping" out in the kitchen a lot now so she has an apron of her own too.
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I have two aprons, one a heavy red cotton, the other a linen. I actually like the linen one better because it covers me more. As my husband says I can get flour EVERYWHERE!

(I proved that yesterday by dropping flour from the driveway entrance to the backdoor. 25 lb bag on the back of my bicycle broke.)
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Aprons are impossible to find here, but I bought one online. I love having it. I am a good but very messy cook/baker. My clothes are cleaner but also don't get grease spots on them now. I don't wash it every use either. Mine is also one that comes over my neck. The ones to the waist won't cover where I get dirty.lol
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DEFINTELY over the neck or it really does not help! (as flour goes flying somewhere else...)
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I am a huge believer in aprons.
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I love my aprons. It's easier to wash one apron than my outfit if it gets messy. We do a lot of rewearing here, so this actually really helps keep the laundry down.

My husband swears the one apron is possessed by the spirit of a 50s housewife, but that's okay. My house is cleaner for it.
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I wear aprons and it really saves my clothes from random stains.
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So, that's how I could stop staining all my clothes.
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I have a red cotton duck one that I wear. I really want the houndstooth apron from typhoon
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I love my aprons! In fact, I used to collect vintage aprons. I have some really funky retro aprons that are totally cool, as well as functional. They really do cut down on laundry, especially as I wear the same one for about a week (more or less) before washing.
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No, I never wear aprons.
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i wear an apron when i bake and I have one for my ds when he helps me. Flour gets everywhere and the apron helps somewhat. I don't use it wehn i cook dinner though.:
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I think these are sooo cute but a little pricey--certainly functional and not dowdy. I got some vintage patterns from MIL and hope to make one. I have one that I love as the older style covers everything better, imo.

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If you hip and young, you might like these, I think they are really cool.

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