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I am down to the last repeat on the body, but have had NO time to knit for a while now. Hopefully soon!
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I was finally able to knit on this a little, but only got about 4 rounds done on the body. I still haven't made it all the way through 1 repeat on the body, but I'm close now!
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I can't remember if I 'signed up' earlier or not - if not, Hi!

I had some yellow mohair I was swatching beside my chair trying to figure out what to do with it when I ran across this thread. What the heck, right? It worked!!! Who would have thought you could do cables in mohair?!

I've got the bag itself done - quinn bag (it's much brighter than the picture!). I'm stuck though - I don't think I really want a swath of bright yellow mohair across my chest . (no, my shoulders slope too much, so I'm not going to be wearing the strap on the same shoulder the bag is on, and I don't carry bags in my hand if I can help it!) Any ideas for the strap?
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I forgot to talk about the process! I had a bit of trouble joining the top band - having the provisional crochet cast on twisted for the first cable made it difficult to pull it out and figure out where the stitches were supposed to go. Got it in the end though. I slipped the edge stitches for the top edge, but not the bottom, so I didn't have any trouble picking up the body stitches. Once I got to the bottom of the bag, I realized I was going to be asked to kitchener twisted stitches again, so I got to a point where the pattern matched how it started, then switched to straight purl stitches for the rows used to set up the bottom - well, I left the ridges between the different stitch patterns for fun, but I didn't have to. Then I only had to graft purl stitches (could have turned it inside out and grafted knit stitches like they show you on the videos - I actually like purl-ways better because I can sew the front and the back stitches at once and get into a nice rhythm).
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If you're planning on lining the bag with fabric you could make the strap with the same fabric as the lining.
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You bag is yummy!!!
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fibre_artist, I love the almost fuzzy texture that the yarn you chose gives the bag! It softens the lines a lot. I never would have thought of using something like that, but it works!
As for the strap, I don't see any reason why you can't use a coordinating colour for it... and maybe match it to the linning? I'm certain you'll come up with something that works well.
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It's done. I thought the body was fine, but I got really tired of working on the strap!

Here it is, ready for DH's cousin for Christmas. (And one Christmas gift done, which is excellent news!)
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