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touching moments with your Babes???

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Hello I am really needing to hear some of your favorite alone times with your first born when your new love (baby #2) is around...My husbans and I are planning to have our 2nd (start trying in a few months) and tonight my DD who is 18 months and I were cuddling together after our bath and she was nursing quietly and we just layed together, I started to worry that thoes times that I love with her will never happen when we have a new one....I really want to hear some of your stories about your special times with the older beauties after the new babe comes into your lives....thank you sooo much...
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My dd is the oldest and we take a walk together every Monday night sometimes we talk very little and just walk sometimes she asks all kinds of wonderful questions it is a very special time for me. Also Once a month we do a girls lunch, she loves this she is 6 now and feels like such a big girl. After baths are my fav. cuddle time I give dd the infant massages I learned for ds who has never sat still enough to enjoy them, my dd loves to be massaged. Also me and dh let her stay up "late" on Saturdays and we watch a video together and make popcorn. Also she is my baker and our family also recognizes this as our special thing her granpa bought her an apron and her own measuring spoons and cups. During these times my dh spends some special time with our ds. My dh is very good at finding little rituals he does with each of our children. After dd's bath he wraps her up in a big towle and our bed blankets and they cuddle together and talk. Fridays is my dh's night to make pizza dd helps him do the dough and put on the toppinggs.
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Due to dh being deployed, the first 4 weeks of ds life were just the three of us. What I did for quaility time was we all cuddled on the couch (him nursing dd sortof on/behind me) and we would cuddle for an hour or two for naps and watching TV... I cherished thoses times!
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My ds will be 3 in July, and new baby is almost 4 months. I haven't really done anything alone iwth my ds because he is in love with DH and when I *would* have the opportunity to leave baby and do with ds, he prefers DH does that make sense ? Anyway, he's been adjusting well, good with baby but acting out to me lately. I've been short with him and low on patience. Basically thinking I'm ruining his world with this baby etc etc. He even told me recently to put baby back in my belly.

I was quite surprised the other day when he said to me "mamma, know what ?" "what, Kieran ?" "thank you for my baby sister. I love her". Talk about wanting to sob your eyes out. I couldn't believe it. He's always telling me how much he loves her and how beautiful she is, and mimicing how I care for her "Don't cry Reilly, Kieran's here, your brother is here " but this one floored me.

GUess I'm not wrecking his life after all

edited to say" I realize I didn't answer your ?? at all. LOL. My DH works very long hours so its just the 3 of us most of the time. *special* times - hmmm... every time Reilly takes a nap (I started this just lately, partly to keep him quiet) I started instead of trying to catch up on stuff, making it ds "turn" - like "ok, its your turn for mommy time" and then we do whatever, play on the carpet and play cars, read a book, color. Things that I do anyway but its just him and me. He is starting to request his mommy time when I put my dd for nap if I don't say it first. Special times with #1 involving the baby, I have made up some goofy games like "shark" where I do the jaws music (dum-dum....dum-dum...) and I make my baby be the shark, and I put her near the floor like she is swimming, and I "chase" ds with the baby. He loves this. Also, we do "tigger" where he jumps up and down on the bed, and I sing the tigger song "...the wonderful thing about tiggers, is tiggers are wonderful things" from the WInnie the Pooh movie - and sometimes I will hold dd up on her legs and have her bounce up and down with ds. I will sing the song over and over and over till ds is crazy tired. Also, we do "dance party" ds has a radio in his room, and I bring the baby in, we put on music, I lay the baby down, and we dance together and spin etc. Other special things are sometimes when the baby needs a nap we will all go out in the stroller and I will walk around town until I find some kind of "construction" roofing, sidwalk work, whatever, and we stand there and watch it for a long time. Or, we go to starbucks to get some cookies and milk. We did that before baby and still go, not as frequently but it is still his "special" place. I hope this helps.

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What amazing stories...this actually makes me feel excited about sharing my time with the two. I love the dance party ideas...sounds so cute, and the idea of cuddling with the two of them makes me teary already Thank you and keep em comming....peace and love
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