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Great letter! Very positive and in no way offensive. If the pastor truly wants to follow the heart of Christ, he will dive into his bible, study that passage and find out that low-and-behold, you are RIGHT!

I was put in charge of our church nursery at one time. We were lucky as a congregation because babies and toddlers were always welcome in service. The nursery was for parents who desired to use it only. No pressure, just an option. We actually rarely had an infant in there - usually just toddlers that wanted to play games and sing songs and have a great time! I found that to be my time of worship and learning. Obviously, Jesus was a very smart man - he knew that we can learn from children! If a church really is to be Christ centered, then it is to be child-centered also. IMHO of course
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I Totally LOVED the Letter

I think your letter was well thought out, well written and stayed on topic. You made me think back to the times that my children were little and they were in the nursery. Many times I kept my children with me. Many times they would go to the nursery. When my youngest would cry in the nursery, the caregiver was always good about coming out and getting me. We had a church that probably had more children than adult members attending. Most of the Mom's were bf'ing as well.

I totally agree with your letter. You know you are right .....Christ would have wanted the union of Mother and Child sitting at his feet listening. Not Mother's with children in the nursery. I agree with taking them out of the service when you have accessive crying from an infant or toddler. Simply stated, that is a respect issue for others in the room trying to hear the Sermon.

I applaud you for the letter and truly feel you should send it and I actually do believe you will hear something back. May not be right away since this sounds like a large church...but if the leaders have integrity and principles as they should, then you should be hearing from them.

Kudos to you for writing it. You make excellent points.
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Good for you! So many ppl (including me, probably ) would not have had the guts to write a letter.

I always bring DD to mass. I believe that God intended young infants to always be w/ their mothers. I also believe that Mass is about celebrating Jesus' sacrifice and that all are welcome, w/o regard to age, color, etc etc. To insist that babies or even children go to a nursery is age discrimination. It's just one more way that American society seems to show complete disrespect for mothers and children. I think the nursery can be great, if you choose to use it, but nobody should be made to feel they have to use it. KWIM?

I try hard to respect others when we are in church. If DD begins to fuss and I cannot quickly soothe her, we step outside until she's calmer. As she gets older, I'll step outside to give her a little run around time b/c I know how hard it can be for little ones to sit still for a long time. I must admit that it really annoys me when ppl let their little ones run up and down the aisles in church, carrying juice boxes and toys. That is unacceptable, IMO.
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If someone chooses to leave their baby in the nursery, that is their right, but I don’t think it is the church’s place to encourage mothers to leave their babies, particularly newborns. Jesus said, “Let the little ones come unto me.” He didn’t say, “Let the little ones go to the nursery, so the grown-ups can listen to me speak.” He wasn’t bothered or irritated, despite the fact that the other adults present assumed he would be.

preach on sista! i laughed out loud, that letter is great!
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Just to chime in.. I think your letter is awesome and if you have a later draft that is the one you actually send we would love to see that too! This exact issue had so much to do with how my DH and I chose a church. We went to a few where every person who greeted us rather pointedly told us where the nursery was. The church stayed at was the one where people came up to us after service and said how wonderful it was to have a happy baby in the sanctuary during worship. And the level of respect and love extends to kids of all ages.
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