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Fuzzi Bunz

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This is a tough one to review because there are so many versions of these diapers. I have had the newest version with the four snap settings and pointy tabs and an older version with six bottom snaps and rounded tabs with rainbow serging.

I have found both styles work for me. We use them at night with no leaks. Sometimes it is hard to get the fit right with the older version because if it only having 6 snaps on the bottom row.
I would recommend these if you can get a good deal, but I wouldn't pay full price.
There are a lot cuter pocket diapers out there that work just as well, and are more reliable in there design.
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I've got the newest version of the fuzzi bunz and I like them.

I've found that they work great for night use because I can adjust how much I put into them. There are a lot of snaps and that makes it easy to get a great fit. I also wish I had a few more for daytime and babysitter use. You can prestuff them and they are easy to put on and take off (especially great for changing those wiggly babies).

There are lots of great diapers out there and I think this is one of the better ones. If only they weren't so expensive!!! I know if you shop around you can get them a little cheaper than other places.

Oh-ya, the fleece was quite pilly on the diapers, so I seem to be forever picking it off or wiping it off my son's bum. Not too annoying though.

Good luck!
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I have several different versions of Fuzzi Bunz, and I think I like the first version I tried best: the round tabs from mid 2002. The new ones fit well and don't repel if treated right, but the snaps don't all hold for me.
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I am very happy with the two separate kinds I purchased off ebay. They are both older versions with rounded tabs. One kind is white with rainbow stitching on the fleece and a white outside that is something other than fleece. They work great, keep my baby dry and fit wonderful-petite todler. The other is green on the outside with white fleece inside. These will wick if the inside diaper is completely wet and don't last as long as the white ones. Still I love them and only use them in the day.
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I love the concept of the Fuzzi Bunz, and customer service from MOE was really good!

* I have some coloured FB that I got off eBay with 3 leg snaps. The tabs don't fit well around the legs, but we've never had a leak or wicking with them.
*I have some prints seconds purchased directly from MOE and they fit great, don't wick, but the dark blue fleece fuzzies get on everything else in the wash.
*I had some white FB (4 leg snaps) purchased from a WAHM that wicked terribly after 2-3 months of use. MOE replaced these and now they don't wick at all but the fleece repels.

I've just given up and switched to fitted diapers with wool covers which are a bit bulkier but totally reliable.

We still use a couple of FB for outings but I always change them after an hour to be on the safe side.
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I had the newer style FBs and didn't like them at all. They did not fit well on my son, who has chunky thighs. And, they wicked at night.
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I wanted to like these, but they just did not work. The smalls got too small and the mediums were still way too big.
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I will agree with the OP that a review of FB needs to include 'versions,' but I'll go off descriptions.

My favorite style FBs were the rounded-tab ALL FLEECE. I found these back in October 2000 when they were still retailing. It was a sleep saver for me as Meredith would pee through anything and would wake at feeling wet. My husband had left for a training for 8 weeks and I was exhausted from lack of sleep. The all fleece FBs were sooooo soft and fit perfectly. We built up our stock 6 at a time until we had nearly 18 of them. Meredith wore primarily FBs and the cpfs with nylon pull-ons when the FBs were soiled.

At that time there were prints available. Here is a picture of Meredith in her camo FBs. She was growing out of these size Mediums at this point, but isn't the picture cute? They did wick if the inside soaker became too wet, but they were adorable and had somewhat of the same fit as the all-fleece, albeit not so stretchy. We liked these under sundresses and blue jean dresses b/c they were 'flashy.' The nursery workers at church used them without contest because they were so cute and were so easy to care for -poops at that point were 'falling off' easily when Mer soiled them.

When the PUL outer, but still rounded-tab, FBs came out I was initially disappointed, but after having some - again, I was thrilled. They literally NEVER leaked for us. We had stock in these in Size Large - and still have those to use for Kenny when he gets to that size. Though there were issues as the 'versions' changed with fleece and sizing and leg casings and what-not, the Fuzzi Bunz, in essence, is a smart design that has done a good job of getting mommas to cd that otherwise would never have been interested.

Through the growing pains, the co. is often back-ordered and it takes a while to receive the diapers . . . but it seems many are willing to wait (at least those that have experienced the FBs without problems).

As a whole - I give them a s up for our household.
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For the most part, I have been happy with my fuzzi bunz (the newer kind with pointed tabs). They are very functional and we have never had a leak.

The only thing I don't like about them is the snap placement. When on the smallest setting, the extra diaper slips through the bottom row of snaps and makes the legs baggier. I hope that makes sense. So, I am always pulling the front of the diaper back up, through the wings.

But, otherwise a good diaper. Perhaps a little spendy, which is why I only have white and seconds print.
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We like FuzziBunz

We switched to FuzziBunz a few months ago -- dd and ds were peeing more, sleeping through, and I needed something easy to wash/dry and something I could put on them in 2 seconds.

I prestuff them which makes diapering wiggly twins a breeze, I can determine how much absorbancy we need by changing the stuffer, and (this is gross but...) the fleece lining doesn't absorb poop like 100% cotton does, so poop stays on top and just falls off into the toilet. Plus dh doesn't complain about using them because they work "just like Pampers." :

No leaks yet. Two from us.
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I had the new style, colors and had one bad experience after another .

The first time I put one on my son, it leaked straight through the PUL on the first pee. The snaps weren't straight and lots of threads hanging. I bought a few more to see if it was just that one--it wasn't. I was very disappointed with this dipe.
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I have 4 of these (the newest version - 3 white and 1 yellow). I am not a snap person, but I really think these are the absolute best fitting diaper because of the snaps. I can make the waist the size I want, and still snug the leg holes down for my skinny-thighed baby. I feel 100% confidence in these diapers stuffed with 2 Joeybunz. My dd wears them every night (and she sleeps from 8 pm to 8 am with no diaper change in between).
These look a little too utilitarian for my more whimsical taste, but they work REALLY well. They now have one print (bugs) and I hope they will come out with a lot more! These are really great, solid diapers, and are perfect if you are just starting out!

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My first cloth diaper was a Fuzzi Bunz, and they were good enough to convert me from disposables! I love the soft fleece, the PUL is wonderfully waterproof, and the snaps are "a snap". They have made improvements in the sizing, so the thighs fit my chunky babies better now. These are the only diapers I can use on my super soaker formula-fed foster DD, and the only night time diap I can use on my little nursling. I love them!
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I've tried FB twice, and had two different experiences both times-with the same style (new pointy/colors) with two different sizes (Lg/XL).

With a little baby, I didn't like them and they wicked because I couldn't get a good fit around my son's huge waist and huge thighs w/out leaving marks on his legs.

Now that he's walking and a bit taller/thinner, they fit great and we prefer to use them when going out for long periods between changes and at night for 10+hrs at a time.

I'm not crazy about the lifespan of these pocket dipes, but all in all, I like them.
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I love our 2003 or later Fuzzi Bunz. We use them at night almost exclusively because they are the most reliable and keep his skin dry.
The good fit around the legs with leg casings keeps the pee in, even if you use a less than ideal detergent (speaking of repelling fleece issues here). I still would not use something like Bi-O-Kleen on them, though. It could cause some really stubborn, major repelling.
I've had mixed Customer Service experience with MOE. Sometimes they are superb, but occasionally have been less pleasant.
At this time, I think they generally have good policies and customer service and sell a quality product and I hope it will continue to be so! Now if only they could lower their prices!
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I loved the trim fit, and I liked the way the micro kept my little guys bum dry. But the snap placement just didn't work for us.
I couldn't get the waist tight enough, and the tightest leg snap was too tight but the next leg snap was too loose.
Maybe in a couple months they'll fit better.
I just don't have the heart to sell em.
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I have the pointy tab FB, and they are the dipe my husband reaches for when he changes DD, they don't leak, and they hold a prefold really well. They seem to fit under tighter clothes better, since the outside is more, I don't know, foldable? Can't think of a better desc... But anyway, they dry very quickly, and usually are what goes into my dipe bag. We will be buying more when DD grows out of the Smalls she is in now.
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Leah, FB were my first dipes too. I got two and then bought a whole stash of fitteds and more FB.

I've liked them a lot and never had wicking problems. I also enjoy the colors they come in now.
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We are an exclusively FB household. I have tried all different AIOs and fitteds with covers and I kept going back to the FB. They are easy to wash, stuff and change. I have sold all my other dipes and have switched to FB...colors and whites. We have about 18 in our stash but now I want the new froggy print and the navy and forest green ones they just came out with! I hope MOE comes out with more prints soon!
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We love FBs too! They are what initially convinced me to switch from disposables to cloth and are still my favorites a year later.

We started in smalls, have been through mediums, and are currently in petite toddlers. We have whites, prints, and colors, first quality and seconds, and I like them all.

The only problems I've had was leaky PUL on some reverse big-print seconds that had been treated questionably in the past, and some wicking through the leg casing seams of our newest ones. Both problems were easy to solve after I purchased a bottle of NikWax spray.

Other than that they have been problem-free for us. The material is soft enough that I can snap the leg openings big for L's chunky thighs and still cinch up the waist to the smallest snaps for her narrow waist. I can use them at night with two inserts. I've never had a breastmilk poop blow-out, either, unlike the daily ones we had with disposables.

I do wish they had some cute girly prints, though. But all-in-all I really like these diapers!
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