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I had the newer style FBs and didn't like them at all. They did not fit well on my son, who has chunky thighs. And, they wicked at night.

The wicking was out of control for us. Constantly looking for that one wayward piece of fleece responsible for soaking our bed.
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Fuzzi Bunz are the gateway drug for cloth diapering and I really like them for that purpose. They were the first diaper I tried and I was able to get my husband on board using Fuzzi Bunz. That being said, the FB just didn't fit my son well and I wasn't as impressed with their quality once I tried other brands.

I appreciate how FBs got me involved in cloth diapering, but I am a Happy Heiny fan now.
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Ive only used them a few times but they were to tight on the tighgs and lose on the waist. They r older stlye but they were ok.
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I have been kinda disappointed with FB and now I hear they moved production to Mexico. Argh!!!!
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I don't really love the fuzzi bunz. I have one of the most recent incarnation of this diaper of the one-size-fits-all variety. It is just too complicated for me. I have tried the elastics at various sizes, but I can't get a good fit. But my main issue is trying to fasten 6 snaps while my wriggly toddler is trying to escape. My husband still can't figure out how to snap it correctly.
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I love my FuzziBunz!!!
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We love FB (sized) and use them almost exclusively. I bought them mostly used off Craigs List (pointy tab) and have some square tabs that I purchased new. Wash with Charlie Soap. Wash with White Vinegar. Air dry. Never stripping or leaking or issues. No blowouts, ever. Nanny is very impressed. Husband loves them.

I don't c/d as a hobby so I like having one system that works all the time. My kids tall to be tall and medium weight to lean.
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With DS2 I have tried several different diapers and FB were my fav and so that is all i got with Panda. we got a super good deal. i bought used for about $6 shipped per dipe and got over 2 dozen in med and large. I have to say I prefer the older style better. I have super skinny/long babies and these are the best fit and least bulky. Never had a leak
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