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weird breath smell after fever

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hi everyone
i tried to look this up here, but couldn't find anything.
my dd is getting over the flu, i think, and she had a high fever (let the fever run it's course, no meds other than extreemly high doses of sa and occillo) for a couple of nights in a row.
whenever she has a fever her breath smells almost like acetone or something. what is the world could be causing it.
it is always the same smell.
she has had no vax, no amalgams (no teeth issues at all), and eats relatively well (we eat traditional foods mostly).
so any ideas about the weird smell?

edited to add :
ok, so after i read sbgraces post, i looked up acetone breath, i guess that would be the wrong word. i mean she smells chemical, lke nail polish remover or something. not sweet smelling at all
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Addy gets a wierd smelling breath when she is sick too. is just... different.
i attribute it to bacteria. its gross, but goes away. no worries mama
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My hubby has terrible breath after being sick. We can all have the same bug and only he gets the breath so I think some people's bodies just respond this way. Sometimes I think his is less a fever response and more a mouth breathing response but again it only happens when he has been really sick. Acetone smell, particularly, though goes with diabetes but I would think it would be occuring all the time..something to look up but I imagine this is just her body and illness.
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All 3 of my kiddos have a chemical smelling breath when sick. That's really how I know when something is going on.
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Possibly Sinusitis/Sinus Infection.

My dd recently had a cold, then when I thought she was getting over it, suddenly got a high fever for days and bad breath. Her sinuses were definitely clogged--snoring sounds while sleeping but no internal or external mucous drip until I used several remedies to open her sinus passages up.

My dd hadn't had sinus infections for years (got them many times as infant/young child until we discovered corn allergy). I had almost forgotten the signs.

Maybe your dd's colds tend to settle in the sinuses and are causing an infection, hence the fever and bad breath. If you suspect this, try remedies like eucylyptus steam inhalations, herbal teas specifically for upper respiratory relief, chicken soup with cayenne... lots of garlic, too, for infection. Hope she feels better soon.
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thanks for the replies everyone, just thought it was weird, but i guess it happens to a lot of kids
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