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I just recently got my first FMBG AIO and it is gorgeous. The AIO consists of a fleece lined cover that can be reused if not soiled, a super long hemp soaker(you fold lengthwise into 4ths and snap in) and a fleece topped doubler. This is a very trim, absorbent and quick drying diaper. It is expertly crafted. Terri does gorgeous work. She is not currently taking orders but frequently lists items in her instock store. also, when she does open for orders, she works fast to get things out.

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review for FMBG fitted diaper

i have a few of her fitted diapers and they are very well made, she has great customer service, and a lot of great fabric to pick from when she's doing custom orders.
she does have a instock store as well with a variety to choose from.
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I have 1 of Terri's Diapers,
It is a great diaper (size Large) and the fit is well on my toddler
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I own a FMBG from Terri's last opening for custom orders - it is a textured organic woven outer and fleece-topped hemp soaker with hemp fleece inner. This dipe is so beautiful and natural! We have lots of growing room with this large. The only thing I'm not fond of is there's a million snaps but I bet Terri would have put on less snaps if I'd asked. One of my quickest drying dipes and I've often used it (with a doubler) for night. I owned another print dipe from her instock store but sold it b/c I didn't care for the all-fleece inner and also am partial to "naked" dipes. Both dipes were superbly made and FMBG was my introduction to the snap-in soaker style, which I love. Terri's customer service is wonderful and my custom order was EXACTLY what I had envisioned.
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I have two FMBG fitteds and these were exactly as I expected- she really paid attention to gettting the print in the right place on the diaper so it looks good. (I had big prints on both mine). They are beautifully made and dry quickly. I wouldn't mind having more of these!
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I just received my instock purchase of an AIO and a fitted diaper. The craftswomanship on them is amazing! The fabrics are beautiful and high quality. They're a little bulky on my DD yet as she's at the bottom end of the weight range, but they still fit well and there are no gaps at the legs.

I am looking forward to receiving my custom order soon!
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FMBG AIOs are da bomb. They take compression (such as carseats) in stride, making them great for outings. The long, fold-out "snake" of a hemp diaper and the matching doubler dry very quickly in the dryer. High absorbency rating. And of course, the prints are fab!

FMBG PUL covers are a striking fashion statement. A good basic cover, too, as far as performance. You'll get some wicking onto the outside fabric if you miss a change or if you have a heavy wetter and you don't have enough absorbency in the stride. This cover has lots of room in the backside for bulkier diapers. The foldover elastic tends to get pilly fast, even if you care for them carefully; avoid putting these covers in the dryer and wash them away from pilly diapers and velcro.

FMBG windpro/windbloc fleece covers are breatheable, butter-soft and bulletproof enough for nighttime use by even the heaviest wetters.

FMBG fitted diapers have loads and loads of snaps on them (two rows). Some people like this because it helps prevent drooping in the front and deters toddlers from stripping the diaper off. Other people dislike this many snaps because it takes a long time to snap on a wiggly baby. The fit is on the trim side of the spectrum.

FMBG velour wipes are a superb value, as are the doublers. Both hold up well to heavy, long-term use and washing.

My experience with sizing hasn't been consistent; however, the fit of each individual piece is extremely flexible. My 23-month-old DD has worn the same size L covers since she was just over a year, through huge growth spurts and that big change from round-bellied crawler to girl-about-town walker.

Terri will work with you to figure out the perfect solution to your diapering needs -- whether or not you come to her thinking you know what you want or not! She's creative about custom sizing and other unique solutions.

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I have a fitted L diaper and it always seems like it's in the wash. It's one of the first I grab on 'clean diaper day'. I really like the fit on my skinny toddler. Lots of snaps prevent wing droop and my streaky boy from pulling it off. The dipe is trim, fast-drying and expertly sewn. The velour lining is wonderfully soft and absorbent. I'd love to have more of these!
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We have two covers made by Terri - they are beautiful and awesome. They are even what we use for nighttime (because they are so roomy, and can easily handle two prefolds - no wicking!!!

I just bought another cover from her store...can't wait to see it!!
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I have a few of FMBG fitted dipes and they are very well made.
i enjoy her selection of prints and the style and the fit of the diaper as well.

i also have had one of her PUL covers in the past, and i never had any problem with wicking or leaking, but Ella had out grown it. I plan to get some more.

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...2 fitteds & 5 aio's in stunning and fantastic prints, and some (dunno how many) wipes...LOVE them all...my only complaint is that the diapers are all now getting to be too small (ds is at end of weight range)...ohhh, I'm gonna miss them when they're gone.
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Well, if there is one thing I want to emphasize it is CUSTOMER SERVICE! Teri has it! I emailed her after searching through her MASSIVE fabric collection to ask about 'fish' material. My husband loves to fish/fly fish. She e-mailed me back that she didn't have any that weren't cutesy and told me she would keep her eye open.

It wasn't a week later that she sent me a .jpg of a swatch of fly fish material with a warm and buttery yellow background. Soft flannel - perfect!

I had an AIO in size small and a Medium cover made from it. I don't have a pic of Kenny in the AIO, but here he is in the cover.

I was completely impressed with the workmanship of both. The AIO was lined with a soft velour in a 'tan' that perfectly complimented the diaper. The add'l doubler, along with the soaker topped with the same flannel made it really a pretty diaper - ebayed for more than I paid for it actually!

The only thing that I did not like was that the binding on the rounded tabs curls out a tad . . . at first I thought I had it on too tight a snap setting, but it did it even when not on Kenny. And the binding on my cover pilled initially, but now the pills have worn off.

I would order from her again - but like many of the WAHMs mentioned here at MDC she is flooded with custom orders! :LOL
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I just got my fourth order from Terri. She is wonderful work with, I have custom ordered both diapers and covers, as well as ordered from her instock store. All products are beautifully made and packaged so nicely when they arrive. Her fabrics are gorgeous! What else can I say, I will definately order again!
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I have one AIO from FMBG and I love it! It isn't bulky, holds lots of pee, and dries so fast!

The only thing I don't like is the number of snaps, and when you graduate from the smallest setting, one set of snaps is going to touch your baby. My daughter hasn't seemed uncomfortalbe at all though.

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I just got my first FMBG. It is a Halloween specialty cover. The workmanship is incredible, and it is gorgeous. It fits dd very well and Terri shipped it super fast. I felt like I ordered it and BAM, it was there. :LOL I think I orderied it on a monday and it cam on Wednesday. She also included a soft velour wipe that I am petting as we speak. Terri has great communication, and she is also a super sweet person. And I want to add that she contributed to my dog's veterinary case when she was at death's door. So, not only a great WAHM- but a philanthropist. I trust Terri to make me good dipes and accessories- and to tell it like it is.

to Full Moon Baby Gear!!

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I can't speak to the diapers, since I don't own one (yet!!!), but I can say that her wipes are SOOOO soft! I just got my order of 24 wipes from Terri, and they're girly, soft and wonderful! And her customer service is as well!
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I didn't have the enlightening diaper purchase experience others had with Terri's CS. I bought two FMBG AIOs second-hand and found out they were an older style. I decided to order two more of her newer style directly from her store. I got the dipes quickly, but immediately had leakage from both of them. I emailed her, and we went back and forth before finally I gave up & sold them to another mama who wanted to try them for the 1st time.
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I don't know the history on this, but if they were hemp I am wondering if you pre washed them enough times. Hemp has natural oils and can repel at first, causing leakage. A bunch of hot washes with drying in between can help break them in and get them to their maximum absorbancy. I do hope the mom who bought them loves them.
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I have one size large FMBG AIO. It is an older style bought over one year ago with a long soaker of 4 layers of hemp fleece that is folded in half to fit into the shell. The shell is the same as the FMBG covers, with a woven outer, PUL, microfleece, and foldover elastic. I have only used the shell (it is just easier to use prefolds for me). The cotton woven does sometimes cause wicking, but only if the dipe is really soaked. The FOE has gotten a little pilly, but nothing can detract from the incredible fabrics Terri uses and the FOE hand-dyed to match! This is one of my most beautiful covers. If only it wasn't front snap (dd rips it right off with a flick of her wrist). I want more, and I hear that Terri is making side snap styles now.
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Well, I had a really bad FMBG experience. I wasn't going to post a bad review, but then I decided that that's what this forum is for.

I bought an instock AIO, and the print leaked dye on to my daughter's clothes when she peed in it, as well as onto the other diapers in the wetbag. No big deal, I just thought I could get another shell.

Terri was very nice and said she would replace the diaper shell, as I obviously didn't want it leaking red onto everything whenever Lucy would wear it. So, I sent the defective shell back to her. (Though I had to pay shipping, which I didn't think was right - it wasn't my fault the shell was defective.)

Then, weeks went by. Terri said she was going to ship it, but it had been at least 2-3 weeks. I PMed her and she said she needed my address. So I sent it (again), and she said she would send it right out.

Another week went by, still no shell. Terri said she sent it, but it must have "gotten lost in the mail", as she didn't get DC for it, or even get priority shipping, even though by this point I had bought the original shell nearly 2 months earlier. BTW, that diaper never showed up. I was stunned that she would make a customer wait for weeks and then not even spring for priority mail.

Finally, I got another replacement diaper. It is very pretty, but it fit Lucy for 2 weeks before she outgrew it. She could have worn it for months, but we had spent all that time waiting. So, I spent 25 bucks and 2 months waiting for a diaper we used about 5 times.

The diapers are great, but the customer service was really lacking, and I doubt I will order from her again. It was just waaaay too much hassle for one little diaper. I have bought some FMBG diapers off the TP, and they all have been beautifully made. (I'm saving 'em for this next baby!) I love her designs, and the diapers are great - very absorbant!
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