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Need Advice! Would love to become a Doula..but how?

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I am a mother in Kansas City and would like to become a Doula. I have two children and am expecting #3 here shortly. I find that my pregnant friends are always looking to me for advice and technique information, as I've done lots of research and reading on the topic of homebirth and unmedicated birth. What a reward to be able to help a woman through prenatal, labor, delivery and postpartum care.

Please advise me on how and where to get started. I am annxiously awaiting your reply. Feel free to email me directly at stayandcrash@hotmail.com

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Hey! Happy to hear your taking the steps to help empower other woman... You already are a doula from the sounds of it. It's just someone who helps others get through this time of pregnancy, birth and postpartum. If you want to get certified..first you need to find a class offered near you. The ICEA, would probably be able to help find an accredited class near you... Look up International Childbirth Education Association on the web, they might answer more questions..I'm a doula and I chose them to certify with rather than a local Pals or Dona... Either would be good- I didn't get certified right away either...The only real requirements for certification are attendance of 3 or more births and a class...You do have to have continuing education of some sort...this can be forums, seminars, regular school, check out the web sites for some of the orginazations.. I'm sure you have one that will be local for you- Good luck Christine
Pacific Association of Labor support
Doula's of North america
National Association for Postpatum Support
These are local ones for me but i'm sure they would refer you to a place where you can get your questions answered
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I'm currently working on my certification through DONA ( http://www.dona.org ) i love them. I also heard ALACE is good too!
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I started doula'ing when my baby was one; that way, she could drink expressed milk from a bottle and I could pump away from home (I nursed her up until two years of age). I also worked with a back-up who was available if there was no possibility of me leaving home, finding a sitter, leaving work, etc... and I always made sure to inform potential clients that it was possible they'd have to use my back-up, and I'd give her phone number so they could get acquainted in case I couldn't make it to the birth. Now I'm expecting #2 in May, and I plan to take any doula jobs that come my way until my due date, but after that, I'm planning to take a pretty long hiatus to establish bonding, nursing, etc. (I quit my job to be a stay at home mommy a little less than a month ago.) It takes a lot of juggling and good back-up support, but it's definitely possible. Just be open with potential clients, attend the DONA seminar or the ALACE workshop or whatever method you'd like to get certified by, and by the time you're done the essays, the studying, and the creating of your new business, your baby may be old enough that you'd feel comfortable leaving him or her once in a while with someone you really trust.
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