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normal AF whil still breastfeeding?

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I have a dd who is 17 months (still BFing) and I am trying to concieve #2.
Af returned last month, only for two days and very light, which is not the norm for me.

I am wondering does AF usually come back sporadicaly(skip a month or so) or does it just come back and then you have it every month right on time like always?

I would like to be pregnant by the end of the summer and I am trying to figure out if that is going to be possible.
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Congrats on your 1st ppaf! And welcome to the world of bf-ing while ttc. Bf-ing cycles can be regular and they can be all over the map. Some women get light mensus for their inital ppaf like you did and then slowly get back to "normal". It takes time for the body to reve up to a "normal" state and bf-ing is usually the reason.

For me, my mensus are the same every month in duration and intensity, but my cycles days are wacky. I have had cycles lasting 21 days up to 40 days and I have had 9 so far.

Is there a chance you are pg? That is the only other reason for a very light mensus.

Unfortunately, there is no way to know for sure how soon it will take your body to adjust itself. That's why some of us chart our cycles, so that we know (or give ourselves the impression that we know ) our bodies better.

Good luck and let us know how things are going.
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Since having kids my periods have become more normal. Before kids I had very long (often over 8 weeks) cycles, after #1 they were regularly every 6 weeks (starting at 6 weeks ppd) until I got pregnant at 10 months ppd. After #2 they have almost always been every 4 weeks (I did have one long cycle) since starting at 11 months ppd.

But it is very common to have irregular cycles while breastfeeding (I wonder if mine will be irregular again when the finally stop nursing, so maybe this is irregular for me?)
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I got pregnant after my first ppaf after dd1, so not sure about how regular I was (although I obviously ovulated).

But my cycles came back at 13 months after dd2 was born, and they were all over the place...I'd have 3 week cycles, 6 week cycles, 4.5 week cycles, etc., etc. And lots of strange bleeding patterns. This continued until I got pregnant again (when dd2 was 20 months old).

Although that said...my cycle did seem to be on its way back to my 'normal' 5 week cycles (I was always absolutely regular to the day before I had kids).

But certainly you can still be ovulating with irregular pp cycles....good luck!
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