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Poll Results: What does suppertime look like at your house?

  • 83% (83)
    Everyone eats together
  • 9% (9)
    Mom and kids eat together, SO/DH eats later
  • 0% (0)
    Parents eat together after kids
  • 7% (7)
    Kids eat together, parents eat whenever and whatever is quick
99 Total Votes  
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What does suppertime look like at your house?
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We really make an effort to all eat together, it doesn't happen every night but usually 5 out of 7.
Growing up, everyone ate together at my dad's, but not at my mom's. I remember liking meal times better at my dad's.
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I voted "Everyone eats together". For the most part this is true. My dh just started working shift, however.... and we can't wait till 7:00pm when he gets off Day shift to eat. Those days he eats later than us. When he's on night shift we can usually still eat together (since we try to eat between 5:00 and 5:30pm).
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We all eat together. This is extremely important to all of us.
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Due to dh current schedule, I voted Mom and kids eat together. DH has been leaving 9 am coming home 11pm-1am so can't exactly wait for him... When he is around we eat together.
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a sit down dinner 5 days a week. I work sat and sunday, and although my shift is supposed to end at 7pm, thats a rarity. I think its so important to eat our dinner together.
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My dh gets home from work really late sometimes. We try to eat together as much as possible, but ususally don't
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We all eat together as a family (even dress up a little- khakis for the boys, skirts for us ladies), because it is really important to my husband. Once the kids get older, and more involved in activities, I think it will be difficult to do.
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We always eat together even if it is just sanwhiches. This is how both me and dh were raised some of our best family memories were dinner time together.
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My kids are still so young that I mostly have to be up running around when they're eating. My youngest still needs to be spoon fed. We're all in the same room at least. I work hard to have all of us eat a Shabbos dinner every Friday night, but it's hard. As soon as everyone is feeding themselves we'll all be able to eat together, yippee!
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We all eat together at lunch since dh goes to work in the afternoon until early morning. My ds usually eats by himself while I clean up. I eat with him for part of his meal, but I sure don't take as long as he does. He can take up to 90 minutes to eat a meal. He loves to eat
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We eat together as a family 90% of the time- sometimes dh works late though. Dd and I always eat together.
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it depends on dh's work schedule. if he will be home at a decent hour then we definitely eat together. i wish that we always could!!!!!!
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I wish I could say we all eat together but Dh works afternoons so the girls and I eat alone.
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chaos! i voted kids eat together and 'rents stuff it in when we can!
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our goal is everyone together. Sh is rarely home until late (10-11PM) but whenhe is home he eats with us. I eat with everyine unless the baby needs to be nursed etc. . . the kids just get more food down when I am sittinghtere with them.
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We try to eat together at suppertime. Sometimes dd eats first and then we do, but thats very rare.
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Now, we sit down and eat together as a family.

When DH worked, we ate before he came home; when he arrived, he ate alone, and then we all had dessert together.

Then we all cleaned up together.
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My husband stops at the grocery store after work and gets his meat for dinner, then comes home, grills it and eats it. I fix supper for myself and my daughter and we usually eat together, although if she isn't hungry then I eat alone.
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We always eat together. Dh never had that as a kid, and it's very important to him. Plus, he likes to feed ds at dinnertime and I'm quite happy to let someone else do that at the end of the day.
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