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Poll Results: What does suppertime look like at your house?

  • 83% (83)
    Everyone eats together
  • 9% (9)
    Mom and kids eat together, SO/DH eats later
  • 0% (0)
    Parents eat together after kids
  • 7% (7)
    Kids eat together, parents eat whenever and whatever is quick
99 Total Votes  
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we eat together as a family, Ella too, it seems she always wants to nurse when we're ALL eating. so i guess technically i eat last sometimes
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We eat together when we can.

But we have karate 3-4X/week and that's over the dinner hous ('cept for saturday morning) and dh is working late tonight.

We do like eating together, though but it doesn't happen every day.

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we all eat together when we are together. when i work light dw and the kids eat together. but when i am home we always eat together. it may not be at the dinner table
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We all eat together unless dh is running very late or working the closing shift. If he's running late ds and I will eat without him and just have a little snack with dh while he eats. Usually though, if he's running that late, he'll eat in front of the computer to veg out(because he's worked 14 hours or so at that poing) and decompress, then he's ours for dessert
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