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Tie Dye-ing questions for those in the know...

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I have some questions about a dye-ing idea that I have in mind for my swap.

Can anyone help who is "in the know"?

(I'd rather do it by PM so as to not spoil the surprise)
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I'll try & help you if I can. I can't tell if I'll be able to answer the question until you ask it, so PM me the if you would like
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Got my answers! Thanks!
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Spoil sports!

How am I going to learn this stuff if you keep it secret ???

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I didn't mean to be a spoil sport.

I had a *very specific* question about a desired effect that I want to achieve. But, it's for the swap and I want it to be a surprise. (shhh)

If it turns out the way I envision it, I'll post pictures here with some instructions.

Now - if anyone wants to give me some quantities and formulas for dyeing, I'd appreciate that!

I will be dyeing 6 garments - all roughly the size of an adult t-shirt. I need two colors per garment...how much dye do I need?
Also, do I need synthrapol (?sp)? What else?

I know how to complete the *dyeing* process, I think.

I soak the garment in a soda ash mixture. How much should I buy and how do I dilute it (measurements?)

Then, I apply the dye to the areas, let it sit, covered, for a day or so, then rinse. Then I wash it in - cold? With synthrapol? How much? If there is more than one color is it going to bleed onto the white parts? When do I untie it? (when I rinse it out?)

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you don't HAVE to use synthrapol, but it can help. My first batch of stuff I didn't use synthrapol.
After it finished setting, I rinsed, rinsed, rinsed, in cool water til the water ran almost clear, then washed it in the washer. I rinsed a bit while it was still tied then rinsed after I untied it.

Usually wherever you order chemicals from, they'll give you directions.

For dyes, for light colors, 1-2 tsp of powder per cup of chemical water
2-4 tsp for medium colors per cup of chemical water
4-6 tsp for deep color per cup of chemical water

how much you need really depends on how many colors you are using but the general rule of thumb is 1 oz of dye per every 4 or 5 shirts...


LMK if I can help with anything else
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yikes! I do all my dye mixing by eye so I have no idea how much dye you'd need. A good test I found of colour strength ie to see if you need more powder in your dye is to put a drop on some white tissue & leave it for a little while to see what colour it goes. Sometimes pastel colours are nice too. You can add urea to the dye solution as it is supposed to make the colours brighter. I'm assuming you're using procion dyes here ?

I've never used synthrapol & I use washing soda instead of soda ash. I actually think they're the same thing. All I do is dissolve a big lump in some warm water in the sink, bung whatever I'm dyeing in mix it around & leave it for a good half hour. Then wring it out well so it's only damp not wet.

I then tie up the items. Squirt with dye. I then put them on a cookie cooling rack over newspaper overnight. This is so the dye doesn't pool on the lower portion of the item. Then I rinse them in cold or warmish water ( depending on how cold it is here as there is nothing worse than rinsing something in cold water if you are freezing ). Then just bung them in the machine. I usually do a cold wash with a touch of washing powder. The dye should not get into the white bits or I've never had it happen anyways.
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Here is my recipe for soda ash mixture.
I use 1 cup soda ash for every gallon of water.
You can reuse this till it is gone so get you a giant bucket or tupperware with a good solid sealing lid.
Don't order this stuff from dharma get it from a local pool store. It is so cheap, dharma really makes a profit on their soda ash.
Here is how I rinse and wash.
I toss the item (still wrapped) in the sink and let the water run over it. Then I unwrap it and rinse and rinse until the dye looks pastel. Then I put it aside for a sec and rinse my next. Then I go back to the first one and rinse again. It is amazing how much dye will come out real quick if you do this. Then I throw the first item in and work on the second. I always use synthrapol. I really like it. I also use a fixing agent in the final rinse to ensure my garmets will not bleed at all!
I put 3 cap fulls in my washer for a full load. I never wsh more than 6 to 8 garmets (depending on size) at a time.
That is all I'm tellin..........LOL
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