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Need name advice

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Hello everyone, I am new to this forum bit definitely enjoying reading all the posts. Hubby and I are expecting our first in April, a girl and we have had a tough time picking out names.

I found a name that I absolutely LOVE...:. When I see my little girl, this is the name that I see her with. The name is Morwenna, the middle name we can agree on and that will be Josephine.

The problem....hubby just does not like unusual names and the last time I tried to bring up the subject of names we got into a huge fight about it. The names he likes right now are Mia and Maya, but here in Illinois...they are both pretty popular and I don't want my little girl getting lost in a sea of girls who also share her name.

So, what do you do?? Anyone have any advice for solving the name debate?? Also, what do you think of the name itself...Morwenna Josephine (last name is one syllable starting with "GR") Thanks in advance.

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No, if he hates it, out it goes. Babies require cooperation of both parents, so give and take some to keep the "team" running well. Morwenna is too different in my humble opinion. I would never pin this on a girl of mine.
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I really like Morwenna. However, if my husband doesn't like a name I have to shelf it. Sucks, because I have come up with *so many* that I adore and that he just thinks are awful. Oh well.
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I don't think the name is too different but I agree that it is important that you and DH agree. I came up with a few names that I really liked but my DH flat-out hated. I wouldn't want to give in to a name that I didn't like so we just skipped all the ones we disagreed on and worked until we found something we both liked. If you feel that strongly about not choosing Mia and Maya then I'd throw those out too.
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How about Mora/Maura. Pronounced Mor-a.?
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It is definately important for you both to agree on the name! My DH and I (had we had a girl) were both totally stuck on different middle names so finally we just picked one that neither one of us had origionally thought of.
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yeah, i agree--we've thrown out lots of names because one or the other of us wasn't on board. morwenna is very ancient-sounding and lovely, but if your dh hates it, you can't use it (just like i can't use laszlo or tallulah, heh!) on the other hand, you have veto power too! at least you're both on the M page...here are a couple more for you:

maesa (maisie for short)

i also want to add that i felt attracted to a particular sound with this one, too, and had to search and search for a name that felt like "the" name. i still don't know if it is, as i haven't met the new person yet and don't even really know the gender, but the name i landed on does have the sound in it that i first felt this person wanted. i think it's neat that you both feel like M is the right letter!

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I should clarify that I haven't actually asked him about this name specificially...I just know that from previous lists I had though, he has never really cared for welsh/celtic names of any kind. Of course, maybe I will be pleasantly suprised and he will actually like it...for now though because of previous arguments over names, I am hesitant to even bring up the topic. Ah well, I am sure in the end this little one will name herself....

Thanks everyone,

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My second has an unusual name, but not an odd name. I don't mean to offend you, but I find Morweena too unusual and definitely too odd. If you like it, use it as a second name.
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Maeve and Maura might be good options for you since you like the Welsh/Celtic names.

Google Celtic names and you should find a list that the two of you could go through.
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well, I'd throw it out there and let him hate it at first - but keep gently bringing it up as 'on the list'. it may be that he defers to you after watching the amazing act of birth! good to have some back ups though that are acceptable to both of you - if his objection is really vehement..
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Well, I am not in your DDC, but I love the name! Why not just ask him and see what he thinks? And don't pronounce it More-wee-nuh, it's More-weh-nuh. I love having a 'different' name and don't think it's weird or too unusual--I get a lot of compliments on my name, actually :
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I think it is a pretty unusual name and I tend to like those. However, when you bring it up to DH if he hates it I guess you have to scrap it. DH and I have had a really tough time this pg picking a boy's name. . .we have two girl's names though. I guess if we have a boy we will have to come up with something fast and agree upon it--ugh. Good luck and welcome to our DDC!!
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We know a girl who's name is Morwen, mor-when. She's in pre-school with DS. Her parents clearly like the celtic names since her older brother's name is Wilfred. Just another option. I also know how you feel as DH HATED most of the names I liked. If it's a girl we've finally settled on Sydney after having no agreement for months.
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I like the name.

Veto is usually how it works with us, I come up with ideas and dh says no!

Although, after all those months of going back and forth and being frustrated, with every one of our kids we both knew at the same moment what the babys name is.
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Names are hard, the child has to live with it and you have to say it, is it easy to yell across the room when you are tired and trying to make dinner? Go through some names together, ones that sound the same spelled alittle differently. The plus side is you agree on a middle name.
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I love the name! Give it a shot, and if he hates it, then out it goes, but his names have to go out too if you are strongly against them.

I really love the name Zinnia, but DH doesn't. So we went back to the baby name book and came up with something completely new.
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Dh and I had to agree on the name. We threw so many possibilities out. In the end it worked out!
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Thanks for all the advice. Hubby and I actually had a nice serious calm happy discussion last night, and while he does not hate the name Morwenna...he doesn't find it particulary appealing (he says it reminds him too much of Morticia). So right now we are back to our very first choice of Kira. He actually suprised me though as originally he was dead set against our little girl having 2 middle names, but because we want to honor family...he has agreed, it was actually his suggestion... So right now we are working with Kira Josephine Taira (Insert Last Name) Josephine for his dad and my mom and Taira was his mom's maiden name...it is Japanese. Of course we still may change our minds once we see her, and there are some really nice names that we have both found that we like (he actually likes the name Annevieve which was my second choice after Morwenna). And to think all I had to let him do was spend money on his car!! Thanks again.

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Annevieve is beautiful and I have never heard it before! Would you pronounce it ANN-uh-veev or ANN-vee-ev? Or neither and I'm totally wrong!
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