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How common is it to go overdue with twins?

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: Never thought I'd be asking that... I'm 39w2d (38w4d by my latest-possible-but-not-terribly-likely due date) and really have no signs of labor... cervix is favorable, babies are doing great, both head down, and presenting babe's head is well-applied to cervix. Still, things are putzing along, la dee da, I'm fine with it, I feel remarkably good (if terribly impatient!)My first babe was 4 weeks early due to pPROM, so going this long, let alone with TWINS, is just nuts to me and definitely a lesson in patience and trusting my body and babies to know what's best. I know I HAVE to go into labor eventually and personally am willing to go to 41 weeks (with frequent heart tone checks and all) before thinking of any alternate measures, I'm just wondering how common it is to go overdue with twins because at this point I don't foresee an end to this (or the OMGWHEREAREBABIES!??! calls,) but that might just be desperate thinking at this point

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Most people I know who had twins naturally and went past 38w had them between 39-41w. So hang in there, not too much longer!

You are a gestating rockstar! :
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Congrats on a healthy pregnancy! You sound remarkably sane for being in the last long stages when everyone is calling and nothing is happening. I think the longest I've seen (online) a twin pregnancy go is just before 41 weeks, although I am sure others have gone longer. I think the key is to be VERY aware of your babes, their kicks, how YOU are feeling, and never hesitate to head in for a heartbeat check if you are worried. But if you and the babes are fine physically, then keep doing what you're doing!

But what long days these must be. I remember, after weeks of being worried about going into labor early, feeling blown away when I hit 36 weeks and nothing had happened. (EVERYONE had told me to expect to have the babes early). That was the date I had prepared myself for -- and nada. I went into labor on my own at 37 weeks, and I'll tell ya -- that week in between was SOOOOOOOO long. I did get a pedicure, spent extra time with my older son, went out to eat as much as I could, and took lots of walks. Enjoy these last days -- be sure to take pix of your belly, and good luck birthing those babes!
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i was born naturally at 41 weeks, we were undiagnosed twins
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mine were born right on their "due date"
i agree with pp, keep monitoring your situation as you know your body best, but if you feel good, no need to worry!
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my frat twins were born at 38w5days and were induced. I wonder how long we would have gone without intervention?
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I read somewhere that about 25 % of twins go past dates, if they aren't induced. You ROCK Mamma!!
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I know exactly how you feel! I kept telling myself I was going to do everything possible to avoid premature delivery. I didn't listen when people predicted how "early" I would delivery. I said nope I am keeping these boys in until the end. That being said, when 40 weeks came and went even I was surprised. They came naturally at 40w2d. My OB was not thrilled but oh well
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A friend of mine went to about 41 weeks with her twins.
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Congrats on making it so far! It sounds like you are doing great too, I was misserable the last weeks. I went to 40 weeks 3 days and know of lots of other mamas that went to 40 weeks or a little over. I don't think I know anyone that went past 41 but I am sure there have been plenty that have.
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Congratulations on making it so far! I remember going out to dinner to celebrate 39 weeks and telling my husband, as I waddled to the caar, that if we were celebrating 40 weeks with no babies in sight I would be insane. (I made it 39w2d)

I know there was a woman in my midwife/OB's practice that delivered when I was about 30 weeks who went 41 weeks.
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Originally Posted by LoisLane View Post
Congrats on a healthy pregnancy! You sound remarkably sane for being in the last long stages when everyone is calling and nothing is happening.
It's so easy to fake sanity online No, physically I feel fine... getting a little kooky mentally, but knowing that I'm not the only freak who has gone this far with twins (as so many others would have me think!) makes me feel a LOT better
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Yes, you rock. Any special advice about how you've managed it? We're hoping to make it to term with our twins. So far so good, but at 25 wks, we've got a ways to go.

Best wishes for a fabulous birth!
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This is such an encouraging thread for me!!! I've also been sort of brainwashed with the 36 week idea... Mainly b/c as long as I go into labor after that mark, I can deliver at the birth center with my midwife.

It's so nice to hear about twin mamas carrying to term and beyond!
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My twins came at 40w2d. I know all about those "no babies yet?" phone calls. Hang in there. Good job cookin' those babes!!!!!

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My Dr said that 38 weeks is my cut off then she'll induce. I am not sure about this, my 1st baby was 2 days past her due date and my dr (a diffrent one) had been trying to induce me because of HBP for two weeks, but I told her that my baby would come when she was ready. I am not thrilled at the idea of induction, so I am praying that the babys are ready by mid-Aug. Good luck to you, I hope they come soom, but thank God that you feel well!
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