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G-Diapers good idea but....

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Not so great diaper. I really think that with a bit of tweaking this would make a great hybred diaper. I like that its flushable, though its a task to do this but hand when your out and about. They covers are nice and comfey looking but I have had mine for less than a month now and the lining is starting to come apart from washing, the velcro is following suit. I actually use these as covers for the out growen prefolds. I have 36 so I try to use them as soakers. I am not impresed by all these fancy diapers anymore and I am starting to look at flat fold terry nappie/dipes. Easier to carry, wash, dry, and use.
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I loved the idea of this diaper, and have them in small, medium and large. My problem is they leak, even after 1.5 hours. Also, after I flush a few my toilet clogs up. I now what to make the jump to cd, but am hesitant to do it.
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I wouldn't let the g-diapers make you hesitant to cd. It seems like a good concept for people who are environmentally concerned but feel like cd'ing is overwhelming, but I can see how they might not be great.

First of all, with cd's there's such a wide variety of dipes available, you can try several and find the ones that fit your babe best. And really, to me using an AIO seems even easier than the g-diaper.

I will admit they have awfully cute covers though!
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I actually am really enjoying my covers. I haven't used the stuff they came with b/c I am too afraid of clogging my toilet. I basically bought them b/c they are super cute! I just put my prefold in and thats it. They hold everything in b/c of the liner thing inside. He has quite a big bum in them but they look adorable!!
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We use gDiapers with homemade microfleece/autotowel inserts. I really like them alot...but dd is TOO FAT! She is wearing the larges already....that ds fit into just fine last year at 2 1/2, and she is just too fat for them. They did into her thighs and don't cover enough of her big old (CUTE) butt. So now I don't know what to do. I really the idea of the cover/inserts. I don't want to do AIO, we don't have a washer/dryer, we have to go to the apartment laundry facility and it costs too much for me to do laundry every day or two. I do it every 4 days as it is now...and I can't afford enough AIO's for that! Especially with the way dd keeps chunking up!

Other than her fatty problem though, I really like them. I wish they had an XL.
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We are loving our G Diapers! DD is only a month old however but I'm optimistic that we'll continue to love them. Once she moves up to the mediums I think cloth prefolds will fit better inside and then we can do part flushables part cloth... so far we haven't had any leaking or flushing problems... and DD nurses soooo much she is constantly peeing and pooping... we change her every 2-6 hrs. I love that we can compost the pee inserts and that I am not washing sooo much laundry.. you only need a few covers instead of having an arsenol of cloth dipes. Mengmommy, I'd love to hear more about making my own microfleece inserts....

So maybe we are just one of the lucky ones whom the G's actually fit well.

Update: We started putting G's on dd at night and they are working great.... I think the little plastic insert thing is really key... we have had a couple of blowouts with sposies. Not with the G Diapers. I've got some wool and cloth too for around the house, but the G's feel like the most convienient option for being out and about a lot- I don't like the idea of carrying around poopy diapers.
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My toilet clogged after flushing one. I now use them as covers. I agree great idea but needs some work.
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I honestly think that G diapers are more work that cloth diapers. I do think they might entice those reluctant to use CD, but the swishing in the toilet turned me off.
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I've been using Gdiapers for about 2 months with my son and really like them. We did have an issue with them rubing the front of his leg, but it was because they were too "cinched" up. In our zealousness to get them on and avoid leaks we pulled them too tight.
I for one was a guilty disposable diaper user, and cloth just isn't a doable option for us. This was a great alternative and I've been pleased. They do require frequent changes, but my son is a big peer.
I've been only flushing the poops since we have a septic. Throwing the liners out is still 100% better than disposables, and it is nice not to have the poopy smell around.
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We use the liners when we are going out and don't know for sure when the next diaper change is going to be like family outings and long car trips. They take quite a bit to leak. Also very helpful as liners for meconium. We just throw them out because the breaking open, swooshing stuff is a pita and it's less waste than a disposable. Just got the covers this weekend and they are really cute, fit well and a great with a prefold in them. I worry about how long the velcro will last and putting them on 'backwards' is taking some getting used to.
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i definitely found g-diapers a lot more work than cloth. they clogged my toilet too many times, i didn't know what to do with them when i was out and about and my son complained that they were too tight on his legs. we used the largest size and he's only just about to turn 3.
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They work okay but I believe they still have the same chemical found in sposies ( the one that is also in tampons and causes toxic shock syndrome). I followed the directions and they still clogged my toilet. We will stick to cloth. However, we will use the g-dipes for travel because they are much better for the environment than sposies.
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i have mixed feelings about the company. at a recent baby fair, they were giving away promotional freebees. they were organic cotton shopping bags and nasty chemically smelling blowup beach balls. what opposites!?!
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As someone who cloth diapers and dreads the laundry (doesn't own washer dryer and can't control water temp, gets tired of the smells that are hard to get out due to soap residue and can't leave diapers soaking in washer very long since i don't own one) I think gdiapers are amazing!! I still like cloth diapers but i don't think gdiapers are that much work, they don't cause any problem in out toilet and we don't have problems with leaking (not more so than cloth.)

Any product that is better for the environment and makes being environmentally friendly easier for busy moms who may not even have a washer and dryer in their building much less the time to do laundry every other day is pretty awesome in my opinion! Of course, cloth diapering will always be more cost effective for poor moms like myself.

Also check out the NEW gdiaper covers which are susposed to make getting a good fit much easier. They are way more spendy though so i guess it is good the old ones work for us. I love the chocolate brown color.
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I didnt like to put the G on backwards either so I turned it around and it works fine that way for me. I would'nt buy the liners again (cost to much). but it works really well with the prefold.
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I used the G diaper inserts inside my pocket diapers, while camping and traveling. I did not flush the liners but I did throw them in the trash, they do break down pretty fast. I thought it was a great travel alternative. I always struggle with wheater or not to use disposables, when i will not be doing wash. But this was a great solution for us. I would not use the covers because they seemed flimsy. But like I said the liners inside a pocket worked great.
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I loved the idea of Gdiapers, especially when we're running errands, but I was a little disappointed with them. The inserts are expensive, and the covers show wear really quickly. I loved the little G on the back (for DS Gabriel), but those fell off! I think they're okay if you're out and about, but not good for everyday use.
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These leak, especially with poops. I always had to change the nylon liners when my baby pooped and sometimes the whole cover. I was glad when we ran out of the supply we got at our baby shower so I could stop using them. Prefolds (we use a diaper sprayer) and covers are so much easier!!!!!
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I like them...my main beef is that when dc poops is gets all over the plastic liner. I don't have running water, so that is a big ick for me. I should probably just buy more covers/plastic liner thingies. Otherwise, I think they're great! I just throw out the inserts right now, but am planning on composting them in the summer (Or I could just chuck them down my outhouse, lol). The other prob is the fit, again...he gets marks on his tummy because I have to have it tight. But to be honest he gets marks from sposies, too. But if I turn them around, he'll take them off!
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I started using the gdiaper covers with the disposable inserts, and after a month or two, it was only a short leap to cloth diapering. It made a great transition, and now we use prefolds in the gdiaper cover. I also use prefolds in thirsties and superbrite covers, and the gdiaper is the trimmest and best fitting. I do not have many leaks, and the waterproof liners are still OK after 6+ months.
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