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Circumcision is always risky

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Circumcision always carries the risk of serious, even tragic, consequences. Its surgical complication rate is one in 500.

Before you decide on circumcision, please read just one book:
"What your doctor may not tell you about Circumcision" by Dr. Paul Fleiss.

Please make an informed decision. Do it for the love of your baby.
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Okey dokey.
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Hi Amy,
You are the only one who responded so far. Let me know what you think of it.
I wish you and your "Buggs" the best.
Did you ever go to
There is a whole lot of info and it's a fun site, too.
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dh and i had an EXTREMELY short conversation about this:
me: circumscion is an unessecary, painful, selfish surgery to inact upon a little boy. not my body, not my choice.
dh: okay.
me: so we're not circ'ing if it's a boy?
dh: if you don't want to.
it's kinda funny, but it's nice to know the boy has no issues with this, despite being circ'd himself.
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witchbaby, wanna trade husbands? LOL.

The circumcsion battle is an ongoing strain between DH & I. I'm having this baby at home though, so I'd just like to see him try to take him (if it's a boy) from me to go be circ'd.
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my best friend has been struggling with her dh with this, as well. she's almost 30 weeks pregnant with boy/girl twins and it's still not resolved. she slipped in a no circ message into her birth plan without telling him! hehehehe...
i hope things start to go better, moonbucket. you may have to whip out the scary pics...
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Yup my conversation about circ'ing with my Dh was pretty darn simple too. I told him it was NOT happening, period. Told him why (unneccisary, painful, reduced sensitivity, ect) and then asked him what he thought. He said that he agreed with me and it wouldn't be done.

I think I'm pretty lucky to have my Dh. We were both raised very mainstream, and after I found Mothering it was one thing after another I brought up to him. No spanking. Ok with him once we discussed gentle disipline. No CIO. Ok with him. Breastfeeding as long as me and kiddos want. Sure, no problem from him. EC? Sure, that totally make sence to him! (and I thought he would think I was a fruit loop for that one!)

Homebirth... needed to show him why that was a good choice. But then he's all for it. No/selective vaccines, again had to show him why that was a good choice, but he's all for it now. Slinging? He doesn't think I'll do it as much as I think I will, but he's just fine with it...

And he always tells me I'm gonna be a great mama. Well he's gonna be a great dad for keeping an open mind and being willing to do whats best for our kiddo.

Ok ok, I'll stop gushing about him already.
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My DH thought it was a horrid thing to do to a little guy, though he is snipped himself. He can't imagine (as I cannot) doing it to a baby....*especially* because the father had the bizarre procedure done to him. To quote someone else,"it's the first place that sex and violence meet".

Actually my DH is sometimes the opposite of what others complain about. When *I* have doubts, he is very certain and firm about all of it...freebirth, no vax, whatever. So now I can't even back out of stuff!! LOL. He's more extreme than me!!!

I still am surprised how unprotected the little thing looks when I see circ'd boys get their diaper changed. I am so happy that my son has his little cover.
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I am going to move this to the Circ forum.
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I have that book. Its very good for people who are just wanting an in-depth, yet easy read on the subject. His co-author is Frederick Hodges who has a doctorate in philosphy and whose passion is 19th century medical history.
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Originally posted by nightowl1234
Hi Amy,
You are the only one who responded so far. Let me know what you think of it.
I'm opposed to it. I just figured most of us were, so I was just trying to show my agreement in a silly way.

Although my husband said that if we have a boy, we have to go through the whole circumcision argument again. I said there is no argument, we aren't having it done. He started to argue. : We hashed this one out last time, for heaven's sake. Our ped won't do circumcisions, thank goodness, nor will he pierce ears.
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If you are writing a birth plan, be sure to do 2 things.

1) Make sure you email it to the place that is aiding the birth (that leaves a paper trail)

2) Include the no-circ rules with a warning that you'll sue the pants off anyone that even attemps the procedure.

That way, no-one will do it if the DH requests due to your absence.

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Nightowl- are you still here? I guess you are going to have to follow the paper trail to find this post. I have read the book and I have a few comments about it- (some positive some not) If you were interested in hearing my thoughts, I'll share.

Love Sarah
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Gee, that was so great to come back from a few days away from home and find such an overwhelming and POSiTIVE response.
I would like to tell all of you that I am the Grandmother of a 5 yr. old intact boy. I've taken care of him while his mommy (my dd) works, since he was about 18 mo.
So, if anyone has any questions concerning the care of an intact penis, or maybe MINOR problems, you can write to me if you want to.
As far as the book is concerned, yes, I am listening. I loved it, but of course there might be some things that I did not consider the way some one else would.
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My dh wanted to circ and so did I. Then I finally decided to at least research the issue- I watched the video on nocirc.org and that was IT. No question about it, it would not be done. DH got home from work and I told him I did not want the baby to be circ'd and he was WHAT- WHY NOT!!?? I told him, no way, I would sooner leave him than put my baby through that (jokingly, but if it ever came to that I wouldn't hesitate to leave- but my dh would never fight that hard anyways). I played the video for him and he begged me to shut it off it HORROR! He said there's no way we will ever do that to our babies, and that was the end of that! He is very anti-circ now and wishes that he himself had not been cut as a babe. This is one issue that I believe is worth fighting over, a lot of men have tourble accepting it is wrong since it was done to them, and a lot of women think the decision is up to the men since they are the one's with a penis...... So does that mean, since I'm the one with the female parts that I can decide for our daughter to have female circ? :
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Sorry for the horrible spelling above!! I am NAK! (nursing at keyboard)
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You ordered a video from NOCIRC.org? There are three videos to view online- one at cirp.org, one at intacgt.ca and one at circumcisionquotes.com, that I'm aware of.
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Could you please post the exact URLs for each video viewing site.
I have such a hard time finding them.
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They should all be at http://www.CircumcisionQuotes.com/video.html

Other sites have them for sale, but that page has several links to view them online. If you want a list of sites that list videos I could look that up, but I know that page above gives a lot of info. (Cuz its mine!)
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Check out the references in the following article:

"Circumcision is always risky:Circumcision always carries the risk of serious, even tragic, consequences. Its surgical complication rate is one in 500.48 These complications include uncontrollable bleeding and fatal infections.49 There are many published case reports of gangrene following circumcision.50 Pathogenic bacteria such as staphylococcus, proteus, pseudomonas, other coliforms, and even tuberculosis can cause infections leading to death.51,52 These organisms enter the wound because it provides easy entry, not because the child is predisposed to infection.
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