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kathy's closet?

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does anybody here have any experience with this wahm, or know her?

it has been two weeks since i ordered my mesh pouch (and paid). it says 'two weeks' on the website, so that's cool, but... i did write her an email a few days ago, mentioning that i never recieved a confirmation notice or anything, and just wanted to make sure everything was in the works... uh oh. no response.

i know sometimes people get sick, or go on vacation and forget to put it on their site, or something, but i have to tell paypal if it doesn't come before 2 more weeks, if i don't hear from her, and she is the only person making mesh pouches, so i am hoping to get the pouch... i need it for florida in two weeks, and i am just getting paranoid from not hearing from her about it. i am praying every day that it just comes in the mail and she hasn't gotten to her email... hmmm. anyway, just wondered if anyone knows what's up.

thanks, suse
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Hi Suse, i ordered mine about 2 weeks ago too and haven't gotten it yet either. I also ordered something from wavinbaby about 7 weeks ago, and she also said 2-3 weeks, and that also has not come...I'll let you know if I get it!

Mama to Aaron, 1/26/03
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Yes, I've ordered from Kathy several times. I recommend you try to e-mail her again in case her e-mail isn't working. FTR my orders do come in about two weeks and I'm *really* impressed with the quality of the work. I ordered the black mesh one year ago, got it after two weeks....I was so excited to see it! I put Kai in it and within 3 minutes he was sound asleep. It was so funny! I have several slings but the mesh is always his favorite. After a year of daily use it still looks exactly the same. I'm sorry, I know I sound like an infomercial, I just *love* my mesh sling. I will be sad when Kai doesn't want to be slung a lot....
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cool misty, thanks. maybe she is too busy sewing to get to her email fingers crossed! suse
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She just emailed me, & is getting it in the mail shortly! Yay, I am so excited!

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Yay! I hope it works great for you. If you wear it a lot you will need to practice these phrases...

"Yes, that is mesh."
"Yes, it's very comfortable. "
"No, it does not hurt my back."
"I bought it online at www.kathys-closet.com "

Especially that last one. I'm considering making a t-shirt that says, "I bought this sling at kathys-closet.com" LOL
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i'm biting my fingernails hoping the post office does not screw this up, i've been so excited to get the mail every day, i'm frantic! we're leaving on wednesday so i only have *THREE* days to get it, ack! omg, 'fuzzy' mail has never been as filled with anticipation as this wait for 'meshy' mail!

suse (the countdown begins...)
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it came today!

i like it, but for those considering getting it thinking it to be stretchy, it's not that kinda mesh (prolly not strong enough.) it is a little snug on a 9 month old chub. that said, i'm glad to have it!

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I had to get one

Ok I looked and looked many times before I decided I needed one. I have been standing on my deck looking at my pool wondering how in the heck I am going to enjoy my pool with a 5 year old a 2 year old and a newborn. I have the above ground kind with no shallow end. I was at the end of the line when I saw this post and checked out the sling. I have spent so much on cloth diapers this month I had to talk myself into it. I finally decided I had better hurry up before our trip to Hilton Head!
Let me know how you like it suse!
Bring it to playgroup!
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