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Lopsided Foreskin?

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Hi all, delurking to ask BTDT diaper changers a question. My DS is 2mos and I have noticed his fs opens off center (a bit to the left.) I figure this will probably gradually go away and I'm not worried about it (even if it doesn't go away) but I'm curious if this is common? The only "problem" it causes is uneven diaper soaking/leaking, a non-issue, really...
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Until you are trying to potty train! This is my post from a week ago! The foreskin is attached to the glans and slowly loosens up. In our case I just seemed like the skin was the loosest on the bottom and left. After a few days of more attention on his part (suddenly that penis was more available for pulling and playing with ) it really seems to be much "better". Most young boys will pull on there foreskin (there are lots of posts about moms worried they are hurting/ streching it to thier toes/ect but the pulling does feel good and will "fix" this.

Another "problem" we had was leaking at night- we just used prefolds laying in a fleece cover and if we didn't fold them so that he had some diaper over his thighs then sometimes he would completely miss the diaper and the pee would just run through the fleece on to the bed.
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I think that's just the nature of a foreskin. My sister's twin boys, 2 1/2, have very muzzled foreskins at the tip yet sometimes they point up, or sideways.... I've never noticed a problem with them leaking. My eldest is nearly completely retractable now at 5 1/2 but even when he was a baby he was maybe 1/3 retractable and I would just wipe downward during diaper changes to place it forward again. Its not a big deal. Is your son in cloth diapers? When I used cloth, I had problems with leaking no matter what kind they used. Maybe that's part of it. It was an issue of finding the right combination of diaper, doublers and wraps/covers. The twins are in disposable as is my youngest (20 months) and they don't leak. Not unless the diaper is just really full (as in overnight), but that's rare. More likely was when we used an AIO cloth diaper and added doublers; that made a big gap at the legholes and thus they would leak.
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