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Headaches in first trimester?

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Is it normal to have persistent headaches with pg? I never had them with DS. Was supposed to see the midwife Monday, but my DH made me cancel it (long story). Now I can't go til March 8th and I'm feeling a little anxious.

Thanks for any feedback.
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I had them through the whole first trimester whether I was super-hydrated or not. I normally never get headaches.
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I have a history of headaches and they told me that pregnancy can either make that worse or better. With both of my boys my headaches went away totally. With this baby I have a low grade headache almost every day, and other days they are very bad. So it is totally normal to have this. My dh thinks this is a girl because they thought the hormoes got rid of them and perhaps there are more girl hormomes this time??? Maybe that is the same for you?

I know you can take regular Tylenol but I try not to take anything unless I am really bad off. I use cool/hot cloths depending on my mood and try to stay hydrated. Also do you have any sort of sinus issue right now? Cold, stuffy nose? That can also cause headaches.

Good luck and don't worry but if you are call them, that is what they are there for:
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Aw, thanks ladies. Your responses brought me so much relief that I could almost cry!!!

Yes, I have a cold now too (and allergies) so I bet that's contributing. I never normally have headaches though... that's why I was worried.

I'll try to get by without drugs. I'm still nursing. I know that tylanol is safer for pg and motrin is safer while nursing, so I guess when you're pregnant you're sort of out of luck, lol. But right now I feel I can survive without them. I'll try the cold cloth, good idea.

Maybe it *is* a girl this time. She's giving me a run for the money!

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I didn't have them, but my OB and my midwife asked if I did at every visit. They both told me they were totally normal.
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My first three pregnancies, my headaches went away entirely. This one has been plagued with at least one migraine a week. The hormones can really hit you differently at different stages of your life. :
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Originally Posted by bygones75 View Post
Maybe it *is* a girl this time. She's giving me a run for the money!
I feel EXACTLY like that. With the baby I have so much more pain and misery then I ever did with my boys. It even feels like I am being pinched from the inside sometimes!
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I had them, they were awful. My pain laughed at Tylenol. what worked? Caffiene.

If you're comfortable with it, perhaps you could try it. The CNM on duty suggested I try it with the Tylenol, but I just had it by itself first, and it worked out, so I was able to skip any more Tylenol.
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Originally Posted by MamaBug View Post
I feel EXACTLY like that. With the baby I have so much more pain and misery then I ever did with my boys. It even feels like I am being pinched from the inside sometimes!
Oh lordy. You're in for it.

Ginnyjuice, I think I will try a little caffeine. I've actually not had any since my teen years -- so I better start small.

Everyone's responses have made me feel so much better. I was feeling nervous and insecure and now I know it's normal. You gals are great. Thank you very much.
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i am the headache QUEEN up to 16 weeks and it is horrible. they are the worst headaches that last for days. tylenol does nothing for me. laying in a dark room with a cold cloth was nice but not that practical with a 2 year old.
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to you.
I had them all first trimester with this dc. At 12 weeks they have disappeared so there is a little hope for you. The tylenol never did a thing for me, although I was told you need to take it as soon as you feel one coming on. I would always wait until I was absolutely desperate, then maybe it was too late? I ate chocolate. My mom's idea. It didn't work but at least I got to eat chocolate!
Never tried but heard recommended...
Right before bed:
Soak thin pair of socks in ice water. Soak feet in warm bath water for 10 minutes. Take feel out, put on ice cold socks and then cover with a thick pair of wool socks. Sleep overnight and headaches will be gone.

I have no idea if this works, but it is the same remedy my naturopath recommends for fevers in children.

It's only a temporary reprieve but laying down in a dark room for ten minutes helped.
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I had frequent headaches during the first trimester. I get migraines a few times a year and I had 4 in a three week time span Thank goodness that first trimester is in my past now Take your vitamins, drink lots of water, and get lots of rest. Good luck

I also did the caffeine and tylenol route. I was just so miserable I was getting depressed.
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I did a google search on this a week or so ago and somewhere (don't remember where ) said that it's the progesterone increase that can cause 1st tri headaches.
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Have you seen a chiropractor? I had terrible headaches my second pregnancy and was treated and found relief. This time, by 12 weeks, I was back at the chiro's office to have my cervical vertebrae realigned once again! Seems if C1 is out, it can put pressure on a nerve and cause headaches.
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huh. No, I haven't seen one. But it's a good idea. Thanks.

Gwendolynn, I'm going to try the sock thing tonight too!
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i'm 13.5wks and i am STILL getting headaches almost every single day! being well hyradeted isnt helping, caffine isnt helping and if i get lucky tyenol MIGHT help!

i would LOVE LOVE to just lay down with a cool cloth but i cant bc of my 13month old!

if anyone finds something that works PLEASE post it
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I had them up till about week 16? DRINK ALOT MORE WATER!! that was about all that helped. and long showers.
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