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O.K., Who is the Clown?????

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I just noticed that somebody changed my profile to include:

just one of the myn...er...um...I mean...guys

Very funny! How long has that been like that?

I think I'll keep it!

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I'll bet it was one of the womyn from around here.

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As I suspected and I'll bet there was a partner in crime!

How long did it take me to notice?

You got me good this time ya' know!

I know you were having a great time with it!

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Oh yeah! I *knew* who it was the moment I saw it and I remembered exactly what it was all about. I laughed my butt off!

Has it been there all of this time? I just noticed it today. I'm just wondering how unobservant I really am.

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Darn !! I was hoping to keep you in suspense ... but, as you see I was compelled to respond a mere few hours later !!

ps. Your new handle *suddenly* appeared very late last nite, or early this morn. I see you made one post early this morn then said "ah-hah, what's going on here?" (More-or-less) Too funny !!

Psssttttttttttttt, Frank...have you heard of "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap" (DDDDC) ??

Serves you right !! I laughed sooo hard when I read your retort in the thread above *I just HAD to get even*. TAG, you're it....

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There's a saying that "revenge is sweet" and I'm thinking.

This reminds me of a lady I once dated. She was the Executive Director of the American Cancer Society. They had a fundraiser where they would team up with the local Sheriff or Chief of Police. You could have somebody "arrested" and taken and locked up in jail and they had to find somebody to come bail them out with a donation. It was great fun.

Apparently, I am pretty observant. It looks like I recognized it the first time I saw it. Can't pull much wool over this old sheep's eyes, huh?

I'll bet you are a ringleader in DDDC. Everybody has an Achilles heel, you know. When you least expect it . . . . . .

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Oooooh. .... Ah Skeered....

ANYONE can use this unique fund-raiser !!
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Hey !! I was actually getting even with you for making me laugh so hard when you posted the initial comment in the thread I referred to above. Ah, yes. It was sweet to *get even*.

ps. please don't have me arrested...lol...
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So what you're trying to tell me is

that the "kilter" was even when I posted my comment putting the "eveness" out of kilter and you were just putting the kilter back to eveness? I don't think so . . . . .

I think you put the eveness out of kilter when you posted your initial "womyn" comment and I was just putting it back to eveness and now you have it out of kilter again and it is my responsibility to get it back to even.

Danged! This is getting too complicated!

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Um, yeah ... I think so ...

We'll just go back to talking about circumcision, K? You're much

better at that ...

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<wiping sweat from my brow>
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