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Hi, I need some suggestions if anyone has some! My 17 month old son has had a rash all over his body for about 2 months. It's kind of dry and scaly, and I would describe it as eczema (although I don't have an "expert" diagnosis). I have tried every kind of cream and lotion I can find, finally called the doctor and he of course said to use cortisone on it. When it got so bad behind Ryan's knees that is was kind of weepy I gave in and tried some cortisone on it - but that did no good. I am using only laundry detergent with no colors or fragrances and no fabric softener. Ryan is still breastfeeding and otherwise eats the same diet as the rest of the family. We haven't been able to identify anything that triggered this....help!
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Eczema can be from allergies. I would have him checked, asap. Cuz he may have internal indications too.

My ds is allergic to milk and eggs and while I was breastfeeding that means I was not able to eat them either as the protiens passed through to my milk.

As for the eczema - moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. I would recommend Aquaphor by Eucerin. Eucerin works pretty well too.
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Oh, side note - there are quite a few of us dealing with this in Good Eating.
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If the rash is wet, I wouldn't use any creams on it. When dd's eczema gets to that point, we use a little antibiotic ointment until it heals, then return to moisturizing lotions.
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Aquaphor and Eucerin are among the slew of lotions and creams I've tried (Aquaphor was GREAT when my older boy had dry, cracked hands), but nothing has helped. I'm taking Ryan in for his 18 month check up next Friday, so I'll see if the doc can help me figure out possible allergy/dietary stuff. Thanks for the antibiotic ointment suggestion, behind Ryan's knees is weepy right now and I wasn't sure how to deal with that. This week he has spent some time in the sunshine without a shirt, and the rash on his back and tummy looks a little improved!
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Aveeno has a great baby lotion that is great for eczema!!!
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Sunshine is great for it! YOu can also supplement w/CLO in the winter (which has Vit. D-sunshine) and Omega 3 oil in the summer.
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Billy had/has eczema and is relatively eczema free since I eliminated dairy. We just had a problem with his ped prescribing something containing dairy and it flared back up but I expect he will be back to normal in a week. He does have cheese but not very often. It can take 2 week to a month to see the full results but it has worked wonderfully for Billy. I would recommend giving it a try.
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oh no

I hope it's not a dairy problem! Ryan loves cheese - it was one of his first words! We are seeing some improvement finally, but if it doesn't clear up pretty soon I'll try eliminating dairy and see what happens.
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