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Violet's Birth Story..now with slide show!!

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On 2/18 Sunday I around 9:45pm I went to the bathroom decided after wiping that no baby would be today again( with DD my mucus plug was lost all day when I went to the bathroom)...

9:48pm sit down on bed and water breaks! Shocked I call MW ( phone was next to me ) and my mom...then go down stairs and tell DH. DD was asleep through all of this. Contractions start but not that bad.
Mom gets here at 10:30ish... 11:00pm contractions are 5 min apart and we fill the tub...call MW back she is on her way. 12:00am-ish MW gets here contractions are 3 min apart or less. Have a few contractions they start to get worse after I use the toilet. DH changes into swim trunks around now...

Around 1am I get in the tub and so does DH. Contractions get real hard around 2:00am MW has me get out and go to the bathroom ( I knew it was it get me going to the last faze ) then I start getting semi pushy but just real shaky and big contractions that make me cry and want to stop. MW tells mom and DH 20min or so will start pushing lol ( I didn't hear that she told them behind my back ) at 3:00ish I need to push and MW checks me...to her "surprise" I'm ready and babies head is right there ready to crown ( its been there you know Wink )

I start pushing and a couple later she crowns but it really hurts more then I remember..her head comes out. MW checks because I start freaking out about the pain ( really not like me) and moving around. DH poor man was doing a great job with supporting me with his legs and MW told me to turn to him I turned the wrong way and DH got a great in your face shoot Cheesy...I am instructed to stop pushing and turn the OTHER way because Violet's hand is on the side of her face. I get the ok and push (ouch)...
and out she came. One little clean tear no stitches needed. I lay back into DH ( who is still conscious and didn't throw up) and we take in Violet Adeline at 3:15am Affection she was COVERED in vernix and her head was not molded at all!

We get out after 10 min, I'm shaky and having trouble holding her up out of the water. We hang out , nurse and deliver the placenta ( MW says one of the best she has ever seen health wise Grin) about 30 min later. Then cut the cord.

This birth was so healing and wonderful for us. DH helped and participated so much this time I feel happy and not weepy at all this time after it truly has been healing. DD is doing " OK" with her new baby that she wants to nurse SO bad...

My milk is already coming in the next day :



Slide show:

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p1gg1e thank you for sharing that! I love the pics too. Congrats again
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congratulations on your homebirth and beautiful family!
love the name...
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congratulations! How beautiful!
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she's beautiful
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She is so cute!!
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Congrats! Great pics!
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Violet Adeline Congratulations!! Wasn't waiting the best thing ever??? I just love suprise gender babies!!
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Great story! She's beautiful! Congrats!
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Violet! You are a beauty with a perfect name! Congratulations!
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What a beautiful slide show! I love the pics of you two nursing! congrats!
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Not in you DDC - I LOVED your slideshow. I am wiping tears away. Thanks for sharing.
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Congratulations, she's beautiful...I love your slide show!
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What a wonderful birth! The pics are amazing Congrats mamma, and Violet is just beautiful!
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I loved the slideshow. Thank you so much for sharing, and congrats on your beautiful girl!
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