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2yr old ds - won't sleep and hardly eats

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For a few weeks now my just turned 2 yrs old ds has decided that he doesn't want to sleep and hardly interested in eating much of anything. I know I'm headed into that classic toddler phase of the "terrible" twos, but is it really that quick of a change?

He used to eat bananas and carrots (the only fruit and veggie he will let pass his lips) and now he won't eat either (nor any other fruit/veggie that isn't hidden in something). He used to love smoothies (aka moomies) and now won't let them pass his lips.

He used to go to sleep very easily and sleep through the night without any problems into late(er) morning. Now he won't go to bed until after 10pm and is up at 7am. He takes a very good nap, but can be a bit owly (especially if he went to bed more around 12am, which has happened several times).

Any ideas mamas? Apparently me and my sisters were quite different b/c my mom has zero thoughts on the matter. Help! :0)
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Could he be teething? Maybe he's got a molar or two trying to come in?
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DS has just literally turned 2 and his eating and sleeping have met a sudden decline too. Even down to the smoothie bit - used to be a fave here too and now he won't touch them. I do know that his molars are coming in, but not totally sure if that's the full explanation. Hopefully it's a phase that will pass for both of us soon!
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I suppose it is possible that it could be molars. The only teeth he has left to come in are his two year molars. He does tend to be on the earlier side when it comes to getting teeth. How long do molars take?
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Yes, it's the 2 year molars here too. I think its one of those things thats going to vary a lot from kid to kid, but I think they generally take weeks. Has he got any telltale teething signs such as drooling or chewing on things?
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Maybe he's ready to give up his nap? My DD is 2, and sometimes she doesn't take a nap and then sleeps 12 hours at night. Or she takes a LONG nap and then is up REALLY late and barely sleeps nine hours at night. He sounds exactly like her on the days when she still takes that nap.
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Re; toddler food intake: "Your job is to offer; to provide nutritious diet, and encourage" is what my SIL keeps reminding me. DD has been on a 5 month hunger strike, since a couple of months pre-2. Eats just enough... I worry I'm not giving her enough. But our job is just to offer. More tid bits that keep me calm when I worry about her intake: "She might be an 'eat-to-live-kid', and not a 'live-to-eat-kid'" <dd's godmother and the dog-lady with all the answers about all animals (human or otherwise)... and "If bone growth is good, which is reflected in personal height curve, then we don't worry... kids go through food phases, like anything else." <Pediatritian FIL, great doc, great grampa. DD is in 50th percentile, for height, and 8th percentile for weight, at just a hair over 25 lbs.

Re; toddler sleeping: this one has me spinning a bit, too. But I think I've resigned myself to the apparent fact that it's just not in the cards for me to get more that a 4 hour stretch of sleep in a night, ever again!! Because when she does have the rare occassion where she does sleep, I wake up every couple hours anyway. SOmething that may be circumstantial: On days when her nap is truncated, she goes to bed earlier, and sleeps better.

Something that has worked for sleep, for us intermittenly, and others: start a dim-light, 1-2hr pre-bed-time routine... make bed-time earlier, like 7:30. Have some mellow story-book time, maybe story-book cd's too, and other quiet activities. Try a warmed (from the drier) towel and a post-bath massage, right before jammies, and some relaxed breathing (show him how to take deep breaths and relax his body); then some snuggling, maybe warm milk, etc... point is, do special "bed-time-only" relaxation activities together, regularly. After a few days, there's a change. When I'm on it, dd goes down GREAT. She's just a really light sleeper, and the neighbors can be loud...
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