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twins and cloth diapers

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I am thinking about cloth diapersfor the twins (I'm 13 weeks). I did not use cloth with my 1rst and would only use them when we are at home. I would like to hear any positive or negitive experiances so that I may make an informed decision.
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As long as you are able to keep up with the laundry demand (assuming you buy your own dipes, which I recommend), CDing is ESPECIALLY cost effective for twins. Both from the $$ shell out for disposable diapers, and saving space in your garbage can.

What I would recommend is to get a diaper service (if available) for the first month, especially if you've never CDed before. That will help you figure out how much you need. You can also order a 'sample pack' from many CD sellers with different styles of diapers and wraps, that way you can experiment for fit and ease, and after a month or two you should know A) whether you want to purchase your own and B) what kind you want to buy.

Some folks buy a lot of dipes up front, but what can I say, I'm a pennypincher...and didn't want to spend all that without even knowing what system would work best for my kid. My boys wore their sisters' handmedowns, and I knew what kinds of stuff I liked best so I just got more of it.

I think CDing twins is totally doable.
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We do and wouldn't have it any other way...it really is not that hard, once you find a system that works for you and that you like. We use Fuzzibunz almost exclusively (after trying several different types on my daughter).
There was recently a thread here discussing this same topic. Here you go!
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Hi. I also use FuzziBunz with my twins & have from as soon as they could fit into the extra smalls. (My girls were tall & skinny!) I have never used anything other than FuzziBunz. I have heard people recommend getting a few different kinds, but I just didn't have the energy. They've worked fine for us. It is probably a bit more work than disposables, but really not that bad once you get in the hang of it. I use FBs even when we're out and about.

The key I've found to CD-ing is to wash them according to how the manufacturer suggests & with the soap they suggest. I used All Free & Clear at first & they made my diapers repel urine -- not good! Now I use the soap they recommend & OxiClean & I've never had a problem with smelly diapers, staining or repelling again.

Good luck!
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We Cd our Triplets

We Cd our triplets and it has saved tons of CASH! It also is much better for babies' bottoms. It is definitely doable.

Sending you a PM
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My shipment of Thirsties just arrived. YAY! I now have 36 prefitted (mediums), liners and 11 covers.

I didn't get the small sizes because I figure the disposible price is close to the cloth price for the amount of time they will be in them. Plus I couldn't find as good of a deal.

36 should get me through a typical day with twins, yes?
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I started in sposies then switched to cloth. I love the cloth and found that it wasn't any more work than sposies, when you count the shopping and disposing of the sposies. I use pocket diapers called Fuzzi Bunz. There are a million gazillion trazillion options out there, and since you have some time, browse and see what appeals to you and go for it! If you hate it you call always Ebay 'em, right? Also - if you start buying now you can buy gradually without a huge chunk of cash out of your wallet at once.

Give it a go! I switched and have no regrets!
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I was researching this at MDC yesterday. I just did an advanced search for "twins" in just the diapering forum and only in the thread titles. I got about 2 pages of really good info from that and it's helped me decide what I need to get.
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I cd my twins full time and love it. I wouldn't have it any other way.
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Thank you all! I'm going to start looking.
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A little late to the party, but . . . . .

We exclusively CD our twins (eight months today!!). I am having issues, but it is with my washer and not the twins. (Ugh, I hate my washer! Phhht!!) We use a mesh of Liz's cloth, SOS, WAHM fitteds, CPFs and some pocket dipes (wonderoos and a couple fb's). I use pockets doubled up at night or a cpf with a prowrap. I tend to use the fitteds out and about. But I don't have a "must have" for each situation, those are just a loose set of "rules" of what gets used where for us.
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Originally Posted by cjcolorado View Post
We do and wouldn't have it any other way...it really is not that hard, once you find a system that works for you and that you like. We use Fuzzibunz almost exclusively (after trying several different types on my daughter).
There was recently a thread here discussing this same topic. Here you go!
I was the one that had posted this tread and am now 100% CDing and loving it! I can't believe how easy is really is (I also work 1/2 time) and now I'm totally addicted. I got started by ordering a sample pack of 5 different pocket diapers (Happy Heiny's, Fuzzi Bunz, Swaddlebees, Drybees, and BumGenius 2.0). I didn't like the swaddlebees because they were just too trim and leak almost every time and I also don't care for the FB because the snaps are a pain to deal with and they don't get an exact enough fit (but they don't leak). I ordered more HH, Drybees, and BumGenius along with 18 Thirsties chinese unbleached prefolds, Bumpkin covers (not good), the New Thirsties covers, a few snappi's, and a bunch of microfleece inserts. DH and I have now decided we like the BumGenius and prefolds with covers best. The BG are a one-size pocket and work great for our b/g twins because they are different sizes/shapes and we can easily adjust them as needed. Also, they work the best overnight (with 2 inserts) and seem to feel the driest against the babies skin even when the inserts are totally soaked. During the day we've been using prefolds and the Thirsties covers a lot and haven't had rashes yet. Pockets dipes are great for being out and about, especially if you use an extra insert. You don't really need to worry about pinning or using snappi's since the covers hold it all in place well. Also you don't have to wash the covers every time, you just have a few in rotation and hang the wet one to dry and can reuse it until it gets poo on it.

Info on selecting laundry soap: http://www.pinstripesandpolkadots.co...entchoices.htm

folding prefolds, plus lots of handy info on getting started:

Websites with free or cheap shipping (a MDC thread): http://www.mothering.com/discussions...d.php?t=606159
(I buy from abbyslane.com and mommacommune.com because their shipping is under $2 for $<25, and free over $25!, plus they both have lots of colors in-stock.)

HTH, Good luck!
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We have CDed our kids pretty much since they came home from the hospital. We use Fuzzi Bunz exclusively and love them. They fit well on my skinny kid and my roly poly kid. I find that it is an extra load of laundry every other day which isn't a huge deal when you are constantly doing laundry anyway. When they are newborns I did laundry a little more frequently, but they don't stay in that poop-every-time-they-eat phase forever.

Good luck and congrats on the twins!
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i plan on cd my twins. i can't wait!
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Yep another CD mama here love it. My other trick is I put the money we would be spending on sposies in the boys savings accounts I figure it's money we would be throwing away so we would not miss it but it is helping save for them for college. I use prefolds and they work great for us. I have a lady in Or I order from who has some great twin packages I just had to ask her to set one up for twins and she did if you want her info PM me and I will give it to you she is the best and when you order a package it's free shipping on anything over $65.00 she also include washing instructions and if you have any questions you can call her and she will help you out
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congratulations on your twin pregnancy!

we cd-ed, also. Those first months they were in disposables, but we switched them to cloth when they were 6ish months (I think??) old. my older kids had been in cloth (actually my 2.5yo was still in cloth LOL).

we had a variety of types/brands of diapers, which seemed to work out well for us. Most of what we used was either hand-me-downs or bought used around the 'net.
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yup... diapering the twins and my toddler... it's great..saves soooo much money

we have a bit of everything but i like preemie prefolds and prorap or bummis covers for simplicity and quick drying.
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Hey Tiff, glad to see that you are thinking of cd'ing your sweet babies! I really liked Bumkins aios, they are trim and so easy to use. Your washer is huge, so you could totally do a huge load of diapers.
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I'll be the lone dissenter and say that I've used disposables a lot more than I ever did with my two singletons. I'm sure there are a lot of factors that have contributed to that, including. . .

1. we moved across the country only two months before the twins were born.
2. we don't live near any family, and have had no friends who could come over to help
3. I have two older boys, both of whom require a lot of time (to keep from killing each other right now!) and who generate a decent amount of laundry themselves
4. we just moved again when the twins were 6 months old and currently don't have a dryer working

I haven't given up on CDing. They're all sitting out, ready to be used (hopefully, when we get a dryer going). However, for now, we have used disposables mostly (with a few stints of CDing)--and I'd used cloth for almost all of my boys' diapering needs. I've got a great stash--I hope to use it soon!

Michelle G.
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What about CDing toddlers?

Can I piggyback with my own question? I've been using sposies since they were born. : I'm an EPer, and with pumping throughout the day, I barely had time to eat and sleep most of this past year. I'm working on weaning off the pump and I'm thinking about switching to CDs once I'm totally finished. (You know, I need something else to fill all those hours each day! ) Is there anything different you'd recommend for 2 toddlers (they will be around 15-16 months by this point I think) rather than 2 infants? Also how many dipes would you suggest buying at that age?

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