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I really wouldn't worry about "teasing" as far as Aiden goes. If you take the name Aidan and factor in all of its trendy spellings (Aiden, Ayden, Aydinn et al) it is now the #1 male name in the US. If someone's going to make fun of a boy named Aiden, they're going to be really, really busy.

On the other hand, if you like it because it sounds "unusual," be aware that yours will be the third or fourth Aidan/Aiden/Ayden in his class, most likely.
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I have an Aidan and I can't see any possible way to be teased.. really I don't see any nicknames coming from his name either.
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Asher (dh says no) - LOVE THIS ONE!!

Reid (Haven’t run it past him) - REALLY like but spelled Reed

Dario (kind of an inside joke, but also potentially cool) - ok, different which is good

Everett (dh hates it, knew an evil kid named Everett in school) - nms

Aiden (Yes, very common, but not common where we live) - love it but getting really common

Jonathan (dh says no because of the nickname thing) - too common for me

Liam (dh used to like this, but I think he’s gotten tired of it) - LOVE THIS ONE TOO!!

Dominic (dh says it’s manly. I think that was an approval?!?!?) - ok, different, will be shortened to Dom no matter what you do though. You can't control name shortening once you let the kid out of the house. But dh doesn't have to know that...

Nathan (dh says no, again the nickname thing) - I personally am not a fan of Nathan but LOVE Nate so there you go!

Brendan (Haven’t run it past him) - I like it but not as much as Braden (pronounced Brayden)

What about:

Drew (no nickname potential!!)
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(see what your dh thinks of that)

I like Liam. We can't use it because our last name starts with M.

Other I like:
Connor, Mitchell, Quinn, Parker

My DH and I haven't ever been able to agree on a boy name.
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