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Whole Foods vs. Trader Joe's?

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Both of these stores are pretty new to our area...
Are they similar in what they carry?
I know Whole Foods can be kind of pricey, is Trader Joe's less expensive?

Thanks in advance!
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Trader Joe's is in Pittsburgh now? Excellent!
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TJ's is much cheaper.........but WF's has a bigger selection. I shop 99% at TJ's and go to WF's when I need something specific that TJ's doesn't have. Those are the ONLY grocery stores I go to and have sinced save money on the grocery bill before switching to organic

ETA: They are both over an hour away in Chicago and I still only shop there LOL!
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Originally Posted by oldermom View Post
Trader Joe's is in Pittsburgh now? Excellent!
6343 Penn Ave.
Pittsburgh, PA 15206
9 am - 9 pm

Thank you Sue2u!
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ITA with WF being more expensive and a bigger selection. Also TJ's can be inconsistent - sometimes you fall in love with something they have and then they stop carrying it. I call it "the heartbreak of Trader Joe's" .

However TJ's is my preference. And the staff is so nice there.
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Whole Foods bought Wild Oats yesterday. So, Trader Joes, Wal Mart Organics, and Kroger Organics seem to be their only competitive now.
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i am resistant to TJ for fresh products and meats. I will be honest I heard they muck around with their freshness stickers. And it kind of makes sense to me because I never understood why the lettuce never came close to lasting as long as it said it would on the label.

but dry goods and jars are fine for me from there.
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We shop at Whole Foods a LOT more than Trader Joes.

Trader Joes does not have the selection and they tend to often discontinue items : That said, you should definately check out Trader Joes and buy stuff you *can* buy there--- it tends to be good and cheap!
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When we do need to go to the store, we go to trader joe's first, then to whole foods. (generally speaking, we don't buy fresh produce at either place so I don't know about that). It does help that trader joe's is closer. I have found that TJ's is cheaper and WF has a wider selection. So if I see wht I'm looking for at TJ's I go ahead and buy it.
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I shop at WFM for 99% of my groceries. I prefer WF b/c there selection is much greater. TJ is cheaper, but its mostly their own label. I don't like that b/c I don't know where its really from and practically everything is cross-contiminated (issue for us b/c food allergies).
It is worth checking them both out and deciding for yourself. TJ just opened here in Atlanta by me In Dec. I went with a friend who LOVES this place, I wasn't too impressed, but she absolutely loves it.
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The quality of food to me is worth the extra money. Canned and jarred foods from TJ's is good but thats it. Their fresh food is not worth the cost, its better to just go to WF and get fresh good wholesome produce.
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they are totally two different places for me. i dont shop at whole foods normally, cause it isnt close, i try to go to new seasons, which is a grocery store here that has local and organic stuff. but anyways. its comparable to WF.

trader joes is good for super cheap luna bars, wine, beer and snacky type stuff. jarred pasta sauce, etc. the thing is though you still have to watch their stuff for hfcs and pho's and stuff. but its good to go there if you are going to have people over.

we get a produce box, but for bulk items, any other produce or dairy we need, i usually go to new seasons. also, supplements. i don't feel good about tj's supplements but i am not sure why.
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bwhahahaha as if Walmart is some sort of competition to Whole Foods, now that is funny.

I don't think you can really compare trader jows to WF either. Trader Joes does not have selection (especially consistant selection) that WF has.
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we go to trader joes for stuff like organic pb, nuts, pasta, jam- it's much cheaper but we can't really do a weekly shopping from TJs. Whole foods has staples, espically for people who cook from scratch. Tjs has a lot of convience foods (which is fun sometimes) if you're into that. Some produce, like organic avacadoes and oranges are cheaper, too. You'll just have to look and see.
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Trader Joe's has a lot of organic food which is VERY healthy for you. A bit pricier, but it's great for your body!
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Typically, we don't shop at either.

If we did, though, Whole Foods is where we'd go if we wanted to cook something, and Trader Joe's is where we'd go if we didn't.
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DH got sick on some meat that I bought at TJ's once, so we no longer buy anything fresh there (no meat, veggies, dairy, etc). It's great for dry goods and canned goods, though and I think the prices are a little cheaper than WF. TJ's is more out of the way than WF for us so we end up at WF more often anyway.
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I shop at both places and the farmer's market, plus another local health food store. I like selection I do all my regular shopping at TJ's first and then what I cannot get, I go to WF's for.
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Here in the northern Chicago suburbs, I don't like shopping at our Whole Foods, compared to the WFs in other cities we have lived in. A majority of the shoppers are snobby elitests, who huff because a shopping cart with a child is in their way. Rush, rush, rush! How dare I talk about the fruits with my toddler daughter while their Lexus SUV is parked in a handicap spot? The TJs is smaller and has less of a selection, but I like the pace so much more. We pretty much do our shopping in three places now, since the regular grocery store has a growing organic section. Certain items we get at TJs, WFs, and the grocery.
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I feel like they're sort of complementary. I go to WF once or twice a week, but I only need to go to TJ maybe once a month. I really never buy their produce--it all seems so over packaged. I now co-op my dairy, but never would have gotten milk or eggs from them because I couldn't tell how fast it moved.
Really that's the core of it for me, TJ's had more of the dry goods type of stuff, canned and processed stuff.
I always end up with lots of pantry and freezer stuff from TJ's.
And chocolate. They have an incredibly large selection of chocolate and sweets.
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