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Summer Solstice

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Anyone doing anything for summer solstice. I'm really depressed because dh has to do inventory that whole week, including the day of solstice. So I guess I'm on my own.
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I am so sorry A!!!

I am so ready to start fresh, to leave many things behind, and begin anew!! My sister and I are organising a festival at our waterfront. I finally got Circle Round! (thx to all who suggested it!!! ) and there is a great poem for fathers there, I actually got quite emotional. My plan is too *somehow* make crowns, more of greens than flowers, as we will be honouring the fathers. I am extremely excited, and feel the need for this ritual...the timing is perfect!

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now that sounds fun!! you guys also do exciting stuff
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I'm going to see the DEAD! Yippppppeeeee!!! Can't wait!!!

June 21st in Hartford, CT.

Summer Getaway 2003

I just told DH last night that I think the reason I am not pregnant (again) this month is because our baby is SOOOOO considerate and wants me to be able to REALLY enjoy myself at the show!

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mammawanna...my dh is so jealous he wanted to go but we are going to NH to camp the following weekend and can't do both. i hope you have fun!

as for us, i hope to get away with dh and walk in the woods and make some magic as well as a nice fire for a couple of hours. we're thinking of handfasting on summer solstice in a couple of years when we can get away without kids overnight.

poor A maybe you should get away by yourself and just run nekid in the woods or go skinny dipping
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DS#3 and I are going to Barnes&Nobel to buy the fifth volume of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix at a midnight sale.

Harry Potter's birthday is July thirty-first, the next witch's sabbath - I know that it is a long word that starts with a "L".
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That would be Lughnasadh.

Sunmountain, LOLOL too funny I skinny dip regularaly in my jacuzzi in the backyard if that counts
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Hopefully having my baby!!!!!!!

Dh and I got married & pregnant on the Fall solstice, and my due date falls in the week of the Summer one . . . I can't help but feel like s/he is meant to come to us that night (for many reasons . . .)
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That is so cool, see if the baby is in tune with the solstice!!!

MamaWannaBe~*I* am so jealous!!! Enjoy it, and twirl for me!!

A~hmm...skinny dipping in the yard...sounds fun!!!

Sunmountain~Just what kind of magic are you planning???

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Someday I would love to go and spend the Summer Solstice at Stonehenge.

I would also like to spend Summer Solstice in Point Barrow, Alaska and see the midnight sun.
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My "baby" is graduating from High School that day...my last kid out of school...wow. He just turned 18 also.

Hard to beleive...guess we'll party with him to celebrate his achievement!...Joyce in the mts.

PS...the Fall/Spring have equinoxes (equal night/day) and the Summer/Winter have solstices (longest/shortest days), in case folks get confused about those things.
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My dd was born on Winter Soltice this year so I am planning a ritual with her as she turns 6 months on Summer Solstice. I did this with my son when he turned 6 months as well (although not on a solstice). There is something special about the 6 month mark for me, a big transition from all in arms to beginning to reach out on their own. Not sure what though, still thinking on it.
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I don't know yet what we'll be doing.

I guess I'd better start thinking about it!
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Truly, I would like to get nekid and go skinny dipping with dh
I want to walk around and touch the trees and plants, let them tell me their stories, listen to their wisdom, and go home with a full heart knowing I was able to escape the city and go to a quiet place for contemplation and a little reconnection with my dh.

I'm trying to come up with a solstice ritual we can have every year just for the two of us until the kids get bigger and can join us in the woods (minus the nekid part ) to stay up all night. We will be turning our sun around "to sleep" until the winter solstice when we "wake her up"

miriam, have you read Outlander? be careful near those stone circles on the sabbats!
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