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Share your belly pics here....

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check out how fat i'm getting!!! hubby swears i don't look this big in real life....so maybe i'm bloated....or its that 10lbs the camara adds


anyone else want to share?
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Very angelic!
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Yay for the belly bump! I want to share too, but I have no idea how to do this!
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yeah i dont know hwo i got the pic in the post.....usually it just posts a link!
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You look good!

I'm too embarassed to share. I'm huge!
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It's a great picture! My mom is really a believer in lights and reflections in pics being more than just camera flashes, but that they are visualized angels or blessings. Love the flash on your head! Thanks for sharing.
Here's one taken of my hubby & me just after we announced the impending arrival of the babe, just before Christmas. Another one taken just after doesn't have the golden swoop of light. Sure it could just be a reflection off the painting but I like to think it could also be my grandma swooping in to let us know she's happy about the baby too! (hope the link works, I'm new at this stuff!)

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Awww...you are so cute. No belly pics form me yet...maybe down the road.
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Erika you look awesome!!

Eri_flores, your link didn't work, try again, I'd love to see your belly pic! :

Here's mine. I am huge, all belly, but holy crap did I pop in the last week. I'm honestly as "popped out" as I was at about 30-32 weeks with DD#1, it's crazy, but I love it!

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MammaKoz, what a nice pic! I'll try to get my act together soon and post up some pictures of my tiny tiny belly. I can see the difference, but it sure isn't dramatic. My mom (living 3000 miles away) keeps bugging me for pics, so I guess I'd better get started. Coming soon.
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Wow, you ladies look great & you are so brave. I feel so huge this time round & not feeling like taking a picture. But I didn't take any with DD so I guess I should this time round.
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I do have one from this week (15) but I'll pass on posting it. My uterus is tipping to my left so one side is oddly bulged (as in looks like dunlap over my belt) and the other side looks oddly small. I had to take a picture of each side the other night to prove to myself that I wasn't crazy (or floppy looking! ).
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great pics ladies! i want to post an updated one of my belly, but the batteries in the digital camera are dead. it's getting pretty big though!
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I LOVE belly pics!! I have one I'd like to share but it'll have to wait a little while so I can find my digital camera. I'm a pretty big girl to begin with so I know to other people I just look chunky but I'm really noticing the difference myself. I've been wearing maternity pants for the last few weeks so I know there is some growth there.
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Please tell me HOW to post the pic in the post!!!!!!
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Originally Posted by twilight girl View Post
Please tell me HOW to post the pic in the post!!!!!!
well im not 100% sure but i think you generate a code and copy and paste. photobucket has an option for that.
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How is it possible for our bellies to be so big when the uterus is nowhere near that high up? Is it because the uterus is shoving all the other organs up? Or in the case of 2nd+ time moms, because our abs are shot, so the extra weight of the uterus and the bloating just poofs everything out? I keep thinking that I'm not ''allowed" to have a big belly yet since my uterus isn't even anywhere near my belly button yet.
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BUMPing up cause I know we have grown and I wanna see!

I do not have a recent pic. Dh went to Cali and planned on taking the camera so we packed everything up and off we went. Turns out we only packed the actual cords to it...I have the camera. Which is DEAD. I have no way to charge it so I can't take one until Sunday when he gets back.
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I just snapped a pic the other day. I need to remember to pose the same way each time, since it's hard to see the exact changes (I'm definitely bigger, but still...). So, here are some earlier ones and the recent pic to see how my belly is growing:


I don't really need maternity wear quite yet and can't wait to get bigger as I feel I'm at the 'just look fat' stage.
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