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What is the first thing you want to do for you aftrer baby is born? - Page 3

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Um... so I wasn't supposed to eat that entire cheesecake yesterday?

Wow - I want to sleep flat on my back (AND be able to breath at the same time!)...Have a good large Jameson or Tullemoredu whiskey (can you tell we're Irish?)...YES hand dd to dh and curl up to sleep - although I can't wait to hold her in my arms and sleep either!!

And running - I used to run...before ds was born : (So it was awhile ago!) and I really miss it! Those first 2-3 weeks are MURDER but after that I feel SOOOOO good!! And thanks to Motherlove herbal tinctures I can exercise and not lose my milk supply! (Wow - I promise I don't work for them - holy commercial sounding!)

Ooh - and take a bath where the water covers my whole belly!! That will be SO nice!
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Originally Posted by Yo Becca View Post
I've already bought a six pack of beer, staying icy cold in the beer fridge (well, it also houses flours, soda sometimes and ice cream in the freezer). I was buying some for DH, and had to go ahead and get my own six-pack for ME.

I won't drink it all at once...but at least 3/4 of a whole, clod beer is going to go down so easily...

It's Sweetwater Blue - they were out of Sweetwater 420, which is what I really want. Also, I want someone to go to the Indian buffet and load me up a take-out container or 2 to snack on those first few days.
A friend of mine wants to take me out after the baby is born- I am going to be the cheapest date EVER.

I like cognac and scotch- but I get the feeling one whiff of either of those and I am going to be flat on my back. Hmmmmm. That may have been what got me here in the first place.:

I thought of another thing- eat all the fabulous imported cheeses that I can't touch right now.
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Originally Posted by lunabelly View Post
Well, I know it's not going to happen very soon after the baby's born, but I would really like to have an orgasm. Haven't been able to get there for a good four months. Such a bummer.
Me too! Or at least sex in my favorite position, which hasn't happened for months.

I hear ya on the whiskey, sisters. I ordered a half-shot in a full glass of 7-up bourbon and 7 a few weeks back when we were at a bar one afternoon and the g-u-i-l-t looks I got from the waitress...oy vey! So! Guiltless whiskey! Woohoo!
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After I shower - snuggle up behind DW and spoon her without this huge, kicking belly in the way!
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I have been desperately needing to make love to DH face to face!!!! I just need that emotional connection I get from that and we just can't do it right now.

I also want to sleep on my tummy and get out of these DANGED maternity jeans that just keep falling down anyway!!!!

Oh yeah, and I'm gonna have a beer. I want some beer....mmmmmm....beer. And a coke, just one, but I'm going to drink a coke.
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I sooooooo need to have some cold beer too! I think that would be nice after labor!
I agree with the face to face sex, in fact just a good frontal hug would be nice to start with.
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Originally Posted by amj'smommy View Post
sleep on my stomache!!
I really missed that so I second that thought!!
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cold beer
sleep on tummy
long HOT bath
wear pants that stay up
trim pubes
glass of wine
ice cold pepsi with a really big deli sammich

not necessarily in that order. =)
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Wear jeans! I'm so sick of maternity pants.
Sleep on my stomach.
Order a margarita.
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Originally Posted by lunadoula View Post
After I shower - snuggle up behind DW and spoon her without this huge, kicking belly in the way!
Ooooo, that one, that one, yes!
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The thing I want to do the most is take a nice long walk with baby on my chest. I have been having trouble walking since about 20 weeks which is a longggg time!!! I also have wanted to be able to have a drink and sleep on my back.
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I can't wait to sleep without having pain in my hips and lower back. I also can't wait to be able to lift things and not have people fussing over me and to do it all my self. I hate having to ask for help or needing help. I would much rather do it all on my own and not to bother with everyone else.

I also would like to have sex in more than one position and not be weirded out by my moving belly when I start to get into the mood.

I would like to put my shoes on and not get out of breath by doing so and to shave my legs without turning it into a big event.
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I wanted a drink of water so bad I thought I was going to die. After that I wanted sleep.
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Originally Posted by LydiaJW View Post
I just told my DH that the first thing I want, regardless of what time it is when we get back from the hospital, is a whiskey sour. With at least 3 cherries in it. Even if its 9 AM. ESPECIALLY if my in laws are coming over,
You just said whiskey sour. :
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definitely wanting sushi and wine or champagne, so craving some bubbly.... in fact thats MIL's job as soon as babe pops out. sleeping on my stomach and the pants thing is a very close second.
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I want a bottle of bubbly, chocolate covered strawberries, the ability to sleep on my back, sex in any position without the aerobic effect, to lose the waddle, put baby into the cute little socks and diapers, and to just feel like I'm not chronically in a claustrophobic postition. But, in a strange way, I'm afraid I'll miss being pregnant. Despite all my wants, I've really enjoyed the pregnancy.
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Ok, I'm having my baby on Monday at 1:00 (c-section), so my plans are:

Immediately: get this baby weight out of my body (I have big babies) and be able to walk without pain.

Very short term: my b-day is St Patty's Day, I have instructed dh to have very cold beer in the fridge, and I'm going to eat pizza (without heartburn!!), drink a beer, and watch my hockey team on tv!

Longer term: somehow fit back into my Lululemon yoga pants (the best pants in the world :-)

5 days to go...
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