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Bradley Teacher

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I am quite shocked at the Bradley teacher I had with ds. She told us all to subscribe to Mother magazine,promoted breastfeeding and a drug free labor. But absolutely pushed circ'd. She had the video. She knows the info and is not Jewish. Out of the 3 boys born. 2 were circ'd "because she said it wasn't so bad". I did not. I almost quit the class and ended up with pain med's b/c I lost trust in her. What an oxymoron? Don't take drugs yourself but inject them directly into your baby instead?

Don't vax your children but it's ok to circ to prevent later illness?

To all the birth instructors and doulas here.....Does this make any sense?
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That's messed up- I would've changed. Tough to trust someone that out of touch.

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I took a Bradley class back in '85, while expecting my first son, and my teacher was just the opposite. She made sure everyone understood that circ was NOT OK. Sounds like you had someone with an agenda of her own - for whatever reason. But one of the main things I got out of Bradley classes was that expectant parents are consumers who should become educated and make informed decisions. Hopefully your classmates at least got that message and will make wise decisions in the future.
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Sounds like she pushes circ to assuage her own conscience for doing it to her own sons- it doesn't seem so bad of her when others are still doing it... right? : Sorry, but that is screwed up logic to push people to protect their unborn by not using meds in childbirth- but then to turn around and mutilate the child!!!??? What the......?
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That is really odd, and honestly contridictory towards the current Bradley philosophy. I would consider writing them at "headquarters" I think its www.bradleybirth.com?

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I couldn't find a contact link at http://www.bradleybirth.com/index.htm and didn't notice anything particularly related to the actual topic of circumcision, but I do know they advocate the natural way. So why push circumcision? Anyone Else Know Anything?
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To the best of my knowledge the official Bradley stance is anti-circ.
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Originally posted by TiredX2
I would consider writing them at "headquarters"
This is an excellent suggestion. The letter needn't be a knock-down-drag-out type, can be written in a gentle, compassionate, yet persuasive manner. I'm sure some of us can provide an idea or two towards this venture.
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Wow, that's surprising. It was my Bradley teacher who first presented the idea that it didn't have to be done. I weaseled at first, telling her, "Oh, I've just never seen one ...." and she didn't let me slide. She hauled her year old boy over, whipped off his diaper to show me! He was also quite happy to wave it at me!

I wish I still had her address to tell her what she's done. I had a girl that time, but 5 years later I had a boy and I never forgot the information she gave me then, or the book (50 reasons not to circumcise, or something like that).
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Thanks Smilemomma for your input !!
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I think Bradley teachers are very accountable to whatever HQ for what they teach. I was talking to another birth instructor who didn't want to to Bradley because every article they pass on has to go through their governing body; and that government can censor whatever they like. She didn't like the control they had, but it would imply that the teacher you mentioned could get into trouble and lose her certification. You might consider tattling on her.

My Bradley teacher just told us to think about it and do our homework. She mentioned it was one of the hardest choices she made for her sons and she didn't want to make the decision for other people's sons. On the other hand, she mentioned that she used to talk about it and at one point she had some English students who almost left the room because they were so offended she even brought the subject up. The way she phrazed it, it made it sound like she was teaching not to do it, but the students were upset that it even had to be brought up. So in investigated, and I'm so glad. Otherwise, I think I would have just done it because I thought that's simply how it was done. Well, maybe it still wouldn't have happened, my doula would have made us think about it, even though she's not pushy at all (she's worked for couples who's birth plan is simply "give me an epidural as soon as I get there" without judgement).

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I used to be a Bradley Instructor. The Bradley Method does not have an official stance on circumcision, but Jay and Majorie Hathaway (the founders and controlling body of the Bradley Method) are vehemently anti circumcision.

What I did was give handouts on circumcision every week, each week getting more and more graphic - and no I did not okay these handouts with headquarters first. What happened was by class 8 or so, the students would be talking amongst themselves about it. Most were surprised. Most had planned on circumcising just because it was the thing to do. After going through my classes, most didn't. I never even said anything about it except that their son would surely see a penis that was different from his whether circumcised or intact, so make sure you are very clear on your reasons so that you can explain to him why his is different from little Johnny's down the street.

By being procirc, she is mixing causes. Definitely write a letter to headquarters and let them know.

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Originally posted by kimkabob5
Most had planned on circumcising just because it was the thing to do. After going through my classes, most didn't.
It must feel great to make such a difference!

My Bradley teacher was anti-circ and anti-retraction. Her boys were intact and she related how pissed she was at her ped for retracting (without her permission!).
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Thanks for bumping this!
I will definitely write a letter to the HQ, in fact I have a rough draft already.
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Hey-Hey! No Problem!! I was hoping the thread would help you brainstorm a solution.
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Originally posted by Devrock
It must feel great to make such a difference!

Yes, it really did. There were so many couples that had absolutely planned on doing it that ended up being completely against it. The best part is that I really didn't say much about it. Handout after handout after handout.....It was the bottom line reason for me continuing to teach Bradley...to protect babies from this horror.

It was sad though when some people had their mind's made up ahead of time and wouldn't even read the info, or said they tried to but it was too upsetting. Geez, I wonder how upsetting it is going to be to your baby.

The most interesting situation was a couple who's birth I also attended. They had both been for it, then after learning, the mom was against it, but the dad said that even though he knew there was no reason to do it, he still wanted to. They had a very long but completely natural labor. The three of us got along so well, it was my favorite birth of all I've attended.

I came back the next day and the dad said to me, "well I decided against the circumcision. We looked at him and said that if god gave him to us this way then this is the way he will stay."

Sorry for my rambling...

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Oh, Kim - That Is Wonderful!
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Kim! That's fantastic!

I wonder how many parents would change their minds about circumcising if they actually spent some time with their babies (and saw their natural bodies) BEFORE the deed was done.
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