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Another noob saying hi

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I'm Erika, from Dublin in Ireland. I have a gorgeous baby daughter called Alexandra Molly, although we go by the nn of Sasha. She was born August 14th 2006 and took 4.5 years to conceive as I have PCOS but is well worth the long wait and I'm just loving being her mother. I am married to the loveable techie geek, James and we also have a cute little cat called Ella. I am a musician and work in radio although I am taking at least a year off to be a SAHM.

I never would have thought I was overly crunchy but seemingly I am. We babywear and I love my ever expanding collection of slings and wraps. Sasha had 3.5 months of colic hell when she would scream from morning to night almost non stop some days and not holding her wasn't an option. I breastfeed on demand and am the last of my little baby group to continue with sole breastfeeding. I plan on doing this for a long time to come. I love it and she loves it. We also use cloth nappies, because its cheaper as well as the environmental reasons LOL

Anyway, I'm sure there is more. We just love our little family and are learning to live with far less sleep than before LOL
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Hi Erika - nice to see someone else who's in Europe. I'm American, but I live in Scotland now (been here for 12 years now). We were in Northern Ireland last summer, visiting friends. We really want to get down to the south at some point...I've heard it's lovely (one of my co-workers has family in Ireland, so she goes over to visit a lot...not sure exactly where in Ireland, though).

Mothering is a great place! And Congrats on your daughter!
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Welcome home, mama!
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Welcome and Congrats!
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Hello! (The sleep will come, don't worry!)
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Welcome to MDC!
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Welcome to MDC!
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Hiyas and thanks for the welcome

Mommiska, I've always wanted to go to Scotland. It looks stunning and not to mention, I've always wanted to catch the Edinburgh Festival while my DH wants to enjoy Hogmannay.
Southern Ireland is lovely. Quite different from the north and is well worth this visit.
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Yes, Scotland is lovely. We've never done the Edinburgh Festival or Hogmanay in Edinburgh either...this is what happens when you live close to something - you take it for granted and never do the big attractions (although that said, I've seen Edinburgh Castle so many times it isn't even funny...everyone who visits wants to go there).

You guys should do Hogmanay soon while your little one is still small and you don't have any others! With our 4 kids, I often volunteer to work on New Year's Eve (who can afford New Year's Eve babysitting fees?).

We really do want to get over to the south of Ireland...soon, hopefully. Well - sometime in the next 5 years anyway...which qualifies as 'soon' when you have kids.
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Hi Erika!! Welcome to Mothering forums!
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to mdc!
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Welcome to the community! Glad that you're here! :

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Welcome to the boards.
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Welcome to MDC!
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