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Decluttering before the Treasure Map time!!!!

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I've been thinking of creating a thread for decluterring before Treasure Map time hits!

I would at least like to have some company here, which in turn will motivate me more!

I've got so much to do, and I'm sure there are more people like me out there who will be doing Treasure Map and would love to have some company along the way of decluttering. If not, then as there is a poet in my country once wrote loose translation "if no one answers your request to be a company in your journey then let's go alone..."

Things that I've to work on-

#1. Go through loads and loads of cloths and throw away almost half of those

#2. Clear what I've got under my bed....

#3. Organize 2 closets! :

#4. Organize & do a Major cleaning in Kitchen......: :

# 5.Throw away all the papers, bills that I've been piling since last 7 years

Please don't be come and share your to do list that needs to be work on before TP time....

Good luck to all of us or just me
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First, what is treasure map time??
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I have more than I'm willing to list here. Much of it is just in dire need of cleaning, before I can even begin to declutter. : I'm hopping in here in hopes of some motivation!
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I can relate to #4 and #5. The others I've already tackled (yea me). We started this as a new year's resolution and ended up donating a ton of stuff and then making $80 at a yard sale. Like I said, I still need to tackle the filing cabinet and the kitchen, but otherwise I feel good about what we've done.

Kat look here

This will be my first year doing it. I've been studying the Secret and they call it a vision board in the movie. I like the idea of organizing my want list in a creative way.

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Tara, that's great that you already accomplished a lot in cleaning and decluttering!!!! I just started yesterday and I tackled my living room. It looks so nice now!

I've major problem with throwing away old bills or papers....I just keep thinking "what if" I need it later....and it has gotten really bad now...papers all over!!!

mammakerry, I hear you... my Kitchen needs a heavy duty cleaning and then declutter....

I was supposed to go through cloths today...but since I cleaned living room yesterday...may be I'll take a break....:

Definitely by next week I want to finish my #1 from the list!!

Kat, I see Tara already answered your question!
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I can't get the link about what Treasure Map time is to open up. It gives me the message that I don't have permission to access it etc.
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Originally Posted by DTmama1 View Post
I can't get the link about what Treasure Map time is to open up. It gives me the message that I don't have permission to access it etc.
That's because that thread is in Spirituality and you need to have certain # of posts to be able to access that forum.

However, good news is Tracy has created a thread for new posters too or who have less# of posts and can't access that thread in SP. This one is in Personal Growth-


Check that out!
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Originally Posted by susykat View Post
First, what is treasure map time??
I was coming to ask the same thing.
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I have so much to do, too! I've been like a mad woman around here lately, though, this place is looking SO much better!
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Things that I've to work on-

* Organize laundry closet- put shelves in to keep some baskets and the detergent up out of DD's reach.

* Organize and declutter DD's room- find something to keep excess stuffed animals up in some type of hammock on the wall- purge some of her toys.

* Organize my desk drawers (find place to store laptop and current scrapbook projects) and purge through the stacks of papers next to the desk.

* Organize and purge DH and my closet

If I'm brave enough to face the weather-
* clean out the garage- condense what I want to keep into 4 boxes [goal]
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I'm so in!!

I need to get my butt (and big belly!) in gear and:

Totally empty the walk-in-closet, give away a lot, and put the remainder back (well organized!).

Ditto to the front closet (and get shoe racks for the shoe pile in there!)

Re-organize the kitchen cabinets and pantry (luckily these are pretty good right now, so won't need too much work!)
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What I did today:

Washed dishes
Picked up living room floor
Organized movies/Dvds
Changed sheets
Washed more laundry
Knit from my stash (thus decluttering by reducing the amount of yarn around!! )

Alright, I guess not much of that is decluttering, but I never have time during the week for any of that, so I feel slightly accomplished.
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Look at my sig.
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For some inspiration/ guidelines, check out this link:


It kinda helps to have "guidelines" - can make decisions faster, YKWIM?

A great way to make things go faster is to recruit a friend who wants to declutter also - team up and do one day at their house, one day at your house...

Also, if you set a daily goal - e.g. one drawer a day, one closet per weekend, etc. Bite sized projects make it less overwhelming.
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Originally Posted by noorjahan View Post
I've been thinking of creating a thread for decluterring before Treasure Map time hits!

Things that I've to work on-

#1. Go through loads and loads of cloths and throw away almost half of those

#2. Clear what I've got under my bed....
Good luck to all of us or just me
I'm definitely IN... I'm doing my first treasure map this year, and have been feng shui-ing (is that a word? ) like a mad woman to get prepared to bring good things into my life! So decluttering is on the to do list as well ... what I would LIKE to get accomplished by treasure map time in April is this:

1. Donate ALL the stuff that we've been accumulating during our previous declutter efforts (its in the garage) to charity.

2. Remove any items of clothing that haven't been worn in 6months from my wardrobe.

3. Get honest with myself about my fabric stash .. Either make definite plans to use it, or give it to someone that WILL.

4. Organize the rest of my craft stuff on shelves, I do use it but it's fallen into a state of disarray.

5. Ebay all the baby stuff (its in a laundry basket ready to go!)

6. Gonna jump on the OP's paper/filing bandwagon... I'm clearing out anything in our files that isn't needed anymore or is from a time where I was not feeling the abundance & prosperity! (old icky bank statements with not so pleasant amounts etc, ancient bills that have been paid)

Good luck ladies!
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Will you guys keep me accountable and motivated? I started a Treasure Map last year (and some of it worked out!) but I really want to get it together this year.

Stuff to do:
*Sort enormous amounts of clothing in my room and get rid of lots of it!
*Go thru the kids clothes as well
*Declutter the large bookcase to make more space for the still boxed books
*Sort and clean out bedroom closets

Thats more then enough to get me started.
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Thanks Tara!!

Okay so I should be moving into my new home around Treasure Time if not before : So, I'll probably be a total mess around then but I'll try to declutter before I move.

So, here is my list

1. Designate an area in my garage for garage sale items
2. Clean out bathroom closet
3. The office - enough said

So, I'll start with that and add more as I get those done!
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I'm in. I joined the feb decluttering challenge and that was great motivation. What do I have left to do:
Top of closet (maternity clothes and the girls' baby clothes)
One corner of the craft room.
Laundry room (also my dye room and a lot of crap!)
The girls' craft area
The girls' playroom
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Can I be in too?

I did a lot earlier in the year following the Feng Shui thread, but I need to keep at it.

My goals are:-

1) Help ds1 unpack and organise in his bedroom (i switched our rooms around)
2) Keep picking up the daily clutter
3) Unpack the boxes in the cubbyhole and hang pictures, put books on shelves etc.
4) Keep dishes done
5) Decide if I'm keeping the decluttered stuff in the garage for a garage sale or donating it to Goodwill. (anybody any ideas on which is energetically better?)
6)Keep doing the laundry
7)Start unpacking the boxes in the garage storage area and either (3) or (5)!

Phew seems like a lot, and I can't really work in the garage until the weather warms up a little. I know I can do this though if I don't spend all my time lurking on MDC
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I'm in though dh and I have been decluttering like mad-people the last few weeks (well, last weekend we basically "took off" which is code for "did nothing!"). So far we have gone through everyone clothes, including children's clothing that is in the garage (we have all boys, so when one grows out of a set, it gets boxed for the next kiddo). We reduced basically everything by half. (It is so awesome to take those things to Goodwill knowing it will be treasured by someone somewhere.) We have also completed the February Kitchen Challenge. (The only piece not done is our old computer which is currently on one of my countertops ... it is almost cleared of old stuff and ready to be shipped back east to dh's friend.) What we are working on now is:
* Finish purging my "sewing" room and move fabric, machines, and table to the garage.
* Finish purging/organizing the play room, and move less-played-with toys to the garage for rotation.
* Move ds#1 into what will be my former sewing room.
* Move ds#3's clothing and diapers into ds#2's bedroom. (The baby will still sleep with us, but his clothes will finally be in the other bedroom and I'll just keep a small basket with some nighttime diapers and washcloths by our bed.)
* Purge boxes of old paperwork and schoolwork from dh and my college years.
* Purge old teacher-supply workbooks; I don't plan on using them with my kids as I'm taking a much more holistic approach to their education and the workbooks/idea books/etc are just taking up a bookshelf.
* Frame and hang pictures of the boys (I have so many cute pictures of them from holidays/birthdays when we got professional photos done ... they need to go on the wall). I also want to get a nice picture of dh and I taken to hang.
* Purchase bulletin boards - one for each of the boy's rooms and one for our kitchen.

I think that's all. Most things left are small things as we have done most of the major purging. The ones I want to do now are the purging of the sewing room and the playroom as that will give my older and middle sons both their own rooms (the baby probably won't sleep with ds#2 for at least another year if not longer) where they can spread out a bit, but also will clear out the playroom and in the long run, really help the boys with cleaning up better.

I love feeling the old energy leave the house when we are cleaning. Two weeks ago we started our major purge. The day we started I was in a bad mood, feeling cruddy, and had had a headache for a couple days. I felt that headache leave my body with each bag I filled for Goodwill. It was amazing how much better I felt emotionally and physically as we cleaned and purged.
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