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Quoting myself:
Stuff to do:
*Sort enormous amounts of clothing in my room and get rid of lots of it!
*Go thru the kids clothes as well
*Declutter the large bookcase to make more space for the still boxed books
*Sort and clean out bedroom closets

So I haven't really done any of this, except for the bookcase. Here's what I've actually done:
Cleaned up and decluttered the entire living room area
Cleaned the kitchen thoroughly ( I even mopped! I never mop!)
Cleaned the really gross stovetop!
Passed an entire box of books to a friend
Donated a box of books to the book sale
Got rid of 3 boxes of 'stuff'
Re organized the small bookcase
Moved all of the videos/DVDs into a drawer to the TV stand

Now I have a cold and I'm trying to keep myself from doing too much. I think I can probably make it through the kids clothes this weekend.