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Highchair help needed!!!

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We are just about 18months old and very busy. when I put the babies iin their highchairs they just climb straight onto the tray. I have older kids and none of them ever did something like this. For the first time, in 5 kids, I'm using hte buckle in the high chair to keep them strapped in -- it's NOT working. Gedalya can squirm right out of the buckle and then does the happy tray dance, his twin immediately follows suit.

I have now lowered their highchairs all the way down - so if they stand on the trays and perchance fall, it won't be so far.

If I take them and put the babies straight at the table, then they climb onto the table instead.

I've tried feeding them backwards, where they stand atthe tray from the floor side, but then they wander with food.

The other issue is that when they are actually sitting in the highchair, then they just toss their food overboard - and as soon as one baby sees the other baby doing then they follow suit.

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Well, I know it's an expensive suggestion, but have you considered the stokke kinderzeat or tripp trapp? The kinderzeat is on, clearance right now, b/c they are discontinuing it. We have one for each of our boys. My 3 yr old started using his when he was about 15 mo old and same with my youngest son, who is the extra squirmy child, like you kids that you described above. We've found that our kids do much better while sitting in their stokke.
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Bigtime agreement with Mags. Best investment we ever made. Kids at this age want to start joining the family table.

Just watch out for flying sippys!
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i agree with the kinderzeat suggestion! worth every penny. check ebay. nak!
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