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today, my ds and I and my dh had a GREAT day. Can i tell you all about it?

DH took DS out at 9 am and I stayed home to work and got ALOT done (i run 2 businesses). DH and DS went to the diner and then to a museum until 1 pm (CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT?)

Then we met some friends for a delicious vegan lunch where DS made friends with the waiter. Then DH went off to work and I came home with my friends. We played a bit, and then DS and I went to the bookstore and played for hours with books and other kids who were playing there. Then we came home.

DH arrived home, gave DS a bath and played a bit while I emailed some friends. THen I nursed him for I swear 18 seconds and he fell dead asleep. He went into his crib (he co-sleeps but is in the crib til we go to bed). Then DH and I had GREAT SEX for the first time in a while! YAY!!!!!!! Now DH is downstairs making us veggie bean burritos and cold beers for dinner while I surf MDC.

Now THAT'S what i call a GOOD day.

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I would call that a *great* day.

My day was pretty good too - not as good as yours but still good. I have just started working at my old job for 4 hours every Sat., which I love so far - it's long enough to be a nice break from babyland and my mom and DH are with Cole so I know he's fine. I got a raise, which is pretty nice considering I have been a major slacker lately as far as my "job" goes. I supposedly WAH but I haven't been doing much lately. My boss said this is what is known as "incentive", LOL. Really made me feel needed, YK? Then I came home and DH and I took turns playing with Cole in the dirt while the other worked in the garden. Then Cole conked out around 8:30 and has been snoozing peacefully in his crib ever since, while I drink a few beers and alternately surf the web and chat with DH. Nice and mellow, just the way I like it.
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I don't usually post over here, but I like to lurk sometimes....and of course this caught my attention! It sounds like an awesome day!!!
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