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Imse Vimse

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I loved their covers on bean! They weren't as "water-proffing" as her bummis and such, but they were so soft and nice.

I bought some new ones and they were not a good batch? The velcro pulled up and scratched her legs so bad I had to get rid of them? Not sure if that was just a fluke thing...I did get them used on ebay, so who knows?

I LOVE their swim diapers ! My favorite by far!
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I love my Bumpy Day covers. They are so soft and work great. I've never had a leak in these. And, the prints are adorable. The teddy bears print is my favorite.
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Our favorite!!!!! They are so soft, never leak, and poop stains wash out easily. I LOVE these covers!!!
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The Bumpy Day are our favorites, too. I love the trim fit, the wide velcro panel, the cute, soft cotton prints. I always grab these covers first!
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I love these covers for my infant. They are so soft, and they hold in breastfed poo better than anything else I've seen! The wide aplix helps me get a great fit every time. All in all the best cover I've seen/tried!
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This was my favorite wrap EVAH! EXCEPT, I got tired of washing and drying it on warm and after a couple times going through a hot wash, the wateproofing diminished and it started wicking. AGGHH!!!
I now advise to follow the care instructions or else have some Permanent Water Gaurd on hand to re-proof these.
I hope some others post their similar experience, cuz I know I've read of several mamas who have had the same issue.
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My review above was for the Bumpy Day Cover.

Bumpy Wool wrap
This is a great wool wrap. I highly recommend it to those needing a trim and reliable wool wrap. It fits over many diapers, is not too thick/bulky, and it can stand up to most moderately heavy wetters.
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Review of the Bumpy Wool Diaper Cover

This is about my favorite wool cover of all. I have used just about every size so far from the newborn to the super large toddler size. I don't like to be without at least one for each babe. They fit over almost any diaper, the velcro gives you a snug comfortable fit, the gussets keep everything inside. they are pretty trim too under clothes etc and move well and are comfortable. The larger sizes have a snap as well as velcro. I find them very reliable too.

Bumpy Night Cover

This one is super soft. I love how soft it is and I love the fit. It leaked for us however. I guess it just didn't suit my boy. Much prefer the wool.
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I like the Bumpy Night cover alright. I love that it's not crunchy on the outside. I just think the rise is a bit low. I am not a fan of the aplix either... it sticks to everything in the wash! But it is really waterproof.

I have a bunch of training pants from Imse Vimse too. I REALLY like these!
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i love my bunpy day and night covers. (although i admit i don't know what the diffrence between them is)

but i have just a plain imse vimse, it's not a bumpy or anything and the bottom of the velcro isn't sewed down. so it turns up and scratches her belly, which then gets all red. i don't even use it because of this.

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I have the Bumpy day and night covers. The day covers are fantastic, but be careful of the velcro. The night covers tend to be leaky, so I had to add a soaker. I'd give bumpy's out of 5
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Traning Pants

After my Potty Trained (who trained really early at 18 onths) 2 year old daughter regressed we purchased 6 of these for days that accidents happen. They are so much nicer than the plastic pants you buy in the stores. She loves them too, no red marks and the water proof fabric is hidden under the print. These are not diapers, so they do not hold a lot of pee, but it will prevent a puddle on the floor 100% of the time.
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day & Night covers (can't tell a difference)

have had size nb and small-- will order size medium when the time comes.

love them. cute prints. we wash on hot and have had no wicking probs. work great over kissaluv 0's or snappied KL contours.
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AIO Trainers

These are awesome trainers! They hold a full pee really well. Yet they look and feel like underwear because the absorbent layer is very trim and the waterproof layer is hidden. Out of all the brands of trainers we bought, these were our favorites. But you'll probably need something more absorbent for naptime.
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