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Ok, this one gets the pass over very often because it is one of the "cheaper" covers, but I really liked it! I thought it was soft enough and pretty darn cute too!

Not to mention affordable and easy enough to find!

I didn't love love love it, but I do think it is a good cover!
(I used the wrap with velcro on bean)
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i think diaperaps are the best! maybe not top-of-the-line quality- but an excellent happy medium. i was never that impressed by "better" diaper covers. much better than scouring discount shops for gerbers on sale. i loved the covers and in this neighborhood diaperaps have served a whole family and then been handed down to another.
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Luv Em!!!

I do NOT like their AIO's but the hook and loop covers can't be beat for durability and affordability!
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I LOVE these covers! They are so trim, BREATHABLE and have really cute prints. I like them better than the other 3 types I have tried too. They are great daytime covers.
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I have to admit, I love their cotton blend Velcro wraps. They are soft, adorable, as breathable as it gets for PUL, and just plain fun to use. They have never leaked and they do a GREAT job of holding in poop.

The downside is that because they are cotton blend, I am afraid to wash them with the diapers. I wash them on warm with the regular clothes and hang dry them. I hope this will help them last longer; I have only been using them for one month so I can't vouch for their durability. I could also see where the Velcro might be overly stiff and irritating for an older baby, but I have not had any problems with it on my little one.
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I got some used Diaperaps covers from my sister. They are old but still in great condition, are soft and don't leave red marks. They do run big - DS is 12 lbs and only now do the smalls fit right on him.
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I have one diaperaps that i got used (just a cover w/ velcro) and honestly it is my favortie out of all my covers.
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I've had several diaperaps hand me downs that have lasted forever. I think they're great.
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These are the best fitting velcro PUL covers I have, I like them better than Bummis because these don't leave marks and don't leak onto the outer like the Bummis I have, I'm looking to get more. They are the perfect lay in cover in my oppinion.
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I LOVE my diaperwraps! We got the birth to potty training package, and I never thought we'd make it, but here we are!

I wash my covers on warm, and dry them on warm, and they are soft, and still clean. They contain BF poop better than a sposie, and they breathe! Even in the dead heat of summer, DS never got a heat rash! IMO the velcro is perfect, in the right place, and strong. I got the plain white ones, and their PF's too.

I thought they ran big too. The newborn size needs a smaller diaper for inside, though. I am looking forward to using them for the next baby!
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Chiming in to add that these are my favorite wrap, too...i just use the plain white pul with velcro, but they are basic, stay dry and haven't leaked yet for me...of course my babe is only 8 weeks old....
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They have added a piece on the inside front behind the velcro to prevent wicking. I discovered it when I bought extra raps for the new bb, and it works wonderfully.

I am disappointed that they are not making the plain white pul covers anymore, but the colors are fun, and not any more expensive, so I guess I'll live!
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