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I wanted to love these cause they were so soft and so darn cute, but the rise was always too short on bean. She was a big baby from day one and just too long for that short of a rise! On a normal size baby I'm sure they would have been great!
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I have 4 nikky cotton wraps and 4 of the wool wraps. The cotton wraps have fit for a very long time. They are super stretchy and super trim. They definatly do their job. The wool are easy care but don't fit as long. They stay right in their weight range. I really do like Nikkys. They aren't the cutest cover but they do their job and are very trim.
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These are very expensive and fit for a very short period of time. DS outgrew the Super Large (3 yr) size at 18 lbs. I found the terry ones wore thin quickly and the wool ones very thin.
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I've gotten all my Nikkys secondhand, either at used baby stores or from other moms, so I can't speak to the expense factor, but I do love the fit better than any other wrap style cover. They really do hold well. The velcro wears out eventually, but probably only after many, many uses. Love em!
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