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* Weekly Thread Feb 26-March 4 *

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Thought I'd start it this week!

So I am just beginning my 26th week I think--it's confusing! (June 4th due date?). Baby has stopped kicking my cervix, so I'm thinking that she has flipped head down finally. I am really enjoying all the little kicks and hiccups--they don't hurt at all and just remind me that I'm carrying a little life down there!

I'm starting to slow down just a wee bit...walking a little slower, feeling a bit more tired than the last few months. I'm taking an aquacise class 3 times a week and prenatal yoga 2 times a week. Also, my fattest of fat pants no longer fit and I've succumbed to all maternity, all the time. lol.

Starting decorating the nursery in earnest this week--picked out a Coral & Aqua Caribbean theme! We are going to buy a crib, but everything else we will get unpainted and paint in our colors. Ordered a bunch of fun plaster hand painted wall hangings of crabs, seahorses, shells. SHould be fun!

How is everyone else doing?!
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Slept through the night last night. Oh my gosh how I love that! If it isn't my bladder, DS still cries out at night (often in his sleep, but I still go running...) What a relief not to wake up from the choking sensation of being unable to breath due to my cold, too. This is the best sleep I've had in a month.

I'm stuck waiting at home for a delivery today. Oh so exciting whole basement dehumidifier is coming by freight, weighing 90 pounds, it seems. I'm hoping if I look helpless and pregnant enough that I can get the delivery guy to take it down the five steps into the basement through the back door (using his hand truck) since otherwise DH and I will have to--I dunno, throw it down?--when he gets home around 7 pm tonight. Hopefully pregnancy plus a $20 bill will be enough to get the delivery guy's help. (He's only obligated to drop it at the curb.)

I'm finding it shockingly easy to spend thousands of dollars now that we've got this home loan and are starting our improvements. Unbelievable. Spending it is sure easier than the saving I'm usually trying to do!

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Feeling great here!! The kicks and bumps are certainly picking up. Yesterday I had to sub for our church nursery attendant since she was ill and I was holding a very sweet, chubby 6 month old and mine was not happy with the intruder!! I got kicked several times!

I've started to slow down just a little too. I am normally a fast walker (long legs here) and DH has to remind me to slow down for him, but Friday he was having to slow down a bit for me.

On the down side, our poor puppy dog is not feeling well and I'm going to have to take her to the vet today. We think she fell trying to jump on the bed and pulled a muscle (or something) while we were at church yesterday. She cried and cried when we came home. She cries whenever she tries to walk, and it is heartbreaking. I don't know how I am going to get her to the car without breaking down myself. Hopefully I'll have a better report when we get home.
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I'm loving the baby kicks as well. I'll be 25 weeks tomorrow. The only complaint is the insomnia.
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Hi everybody!

I'm doing pretty good. Feeling the same "slowing down" as the previous posters. I feel GIGANTOR. Baby has finally mellowed out a bit and I am no longer sure of what direction he/she is laying.

I can NOT get enough to eat.

Started my little dog on a raw diet this week and holy cow is she loving it. I am so utterly surprised at how pleased she is to get her raw meaty bone. Even more remarkably is the change in her breath. It used to stink horribly. Seriously, I couldn't handle her sitting next to me it was that bad. I figured it was going to take some time before we noticed any positive changes but yesterday we drove over to my in-laws and she was perched with her feet and head up near the head rest of my seat and her breath smelled GOOD. I couldn't believe it. Her mouth was inches from my face and it didn't make me gag. I wonder if my breath would be better if I ate a raw diet too...? haha.

Speaking of little dogs, I hope yours feels better soon Robbins. A few months ago ours flipped over on her back (trying to jump up ) onto the hard tile floor. The next day she was in so much pain that she was shaking and stiff. I took her to the doggie emergency room and they prescribed relaxors and pain meds. She felt soooooo much better after that. It's so hard not to go all cry-baby when your little furry companions don't feel good. Give yours a kiss and a pat on the head for me.

Willo~ Congrats on the full nights sleep! What a long-time in the makign that was, eh?!?! I'm glad your cold is finally letting up. Oh--and it's waaaay to easy to spend the money when you start improving your house. You feel like your on a shopping spree. My husband and I agreed that we would not make any *amendments* to our orignal plans because it's so easy to overspend. But it sure does feel good to have appliances that work

Neve~ Your nursury sounds so cute! But where the heck are you getting the energy to paint?!?! Can you share some of it with me???
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AWWW Robbin, I'm sorry about your little pup!

Pregnancy wise I have been feeling loads of kicks, jabs and head bops!, going into that 26th week also Neve... due the 5th.

We are anxiously awaiting some kittens! lol To pregnant mammels in the house is funny and my cat and I like to cuddle... I think she is eating more than I am though! lol But While I'm sitting here visiting the mothering boards, feeling my little baby kick, my mama cat came to sit with me and i put a hand on her belly and felt a little kitten kick!!! lol This is a wild thought for me!

OOO... My parents offered to pay for mr to take a pre-natal yoga class!!! Which I thought was very sweet of them!!! The only bad news is that It is only offered at one time so there is NO flexability there, and it's one of the days I go to the gym (my gym only has daycare two days a week for right now) So while I'm VERY excited to start yoga with other pregnant Mamas, I'm a bit bummed about missing my gym day.
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Originally Posted by WhiteWax View Post
OOO... My parents offered to pay for mr to take a pre-natal yoga class!!! Which I thought was very sweet of them!!! The only bad news is that It is only offered at one time so there is NO flexability there, and it's one of the days I go to the gym (my gym only has daycare two days a week for right now) So while I'm VERY excited to start yoga with other pregnant Mamas, I'm a bit bummed about missing my gym day.
Oh if you are anything like me it will so be worth it. Prenatal yoga and chocolate are my drugs or choice these days. You just feel so good after.

Not much new here. Feeling like this pregnancy is moving REALLY slowly. Which is okay in some ways (like I'm terrified to have a 21 mo old and a newborn) but not in others (I feel like a cartoon stuck running in place). Heartburn continues to be a drag.

But today I am in a blissful mood.. woke up to peacefully falling snow (the first really of the season that wasn't snow/ice/sleet/yuck), went outside with my daughter and built her first snowman, came inside and read "The Snowy Day" and have been "discussing" with her ever since how we put arms on the snowman (her favorite part). Can't wait to have another wonder like the one I've got now!
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Originally Posted by WhiteWax View Post
...We are anxiously awaiting some kittens! ...I put a hand on her belly and felt a little kitten kick!!! lol This is a wild thought for me!
Ok, this is the cutest thing EVER. It gave me the warm fuzzies!!!
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all is good here. went back to work today after our midwinter break and everyone was astounded by how big i looked. my abs have been hurting--i think i'm growing more. i'm carrying really high and have constant heartburn. icky.

i am tired b/c i actually had a social life this weeknd (something rare) and now i'm dying! everyone keeps telling me to go out and travel now, so i'm trying to take their advice, but i really like being home. i am a total homebody and so ready to have a baby to snuggle with!

went to a conference in philly this weekend where my good friend is a midwife. she had this cool demo tool on how big your uterus was and the baby and i was shocked. i guess i thought it was still this tiny bug just swimming around in there like a fishbowl. i'm 23 weeks this week, and i was amazed at how big the baby should be. no wonder i keep stretching!

otherwise, all is good. i feel like i am coasting right now.
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I'm at 26 weeks right now and I am just starting to notice that I'm getting in my own way. Rolling over at night is an interesting challenge with the nice heavy blankets on top of me. According to my DH, I sigh or groan when I roll over. So nice of him to keep track?

Slower is better, but I'm trying hard not to let myself slow down too much because I know it'll just be a downhill slide from there.

Best of luck to all the pets out there! Oh, and to us as well.
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WhiteWax: That is so sweet that you felt a kitten kick!

Like everyone else, I'm feeling lots of kicks and movements. My babe turned breech so I'm feeling lots of weird head movements up high. I'm happy he turned because if contractions start up again his foot will be against my cervix - not his head. I've been given orders to get plenty of rest so I'm trying after my pre-term labor scare last night. I can always go back for another shot if cntx start up again. It looks like I'm still losing more of my mucous plug, but my MW said it might grow back. I'm looking for an OB just in case I need to transfer care. I hope this baby calms down and stays put, but if not I'm doing all the research I can on preemies, NICU, and OBs in the area. *sigh*
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Doing pretty well here, I too am feeling s---l---o---w, and I am starting to waddle, I have some major pain in my lower abdomin and this is making me feel 90 yrs old. I am also feeling very lazy as the weather here just never seems to get nice enough for me, and I have the pain issue so not inclined to do too much, cleaning my house and cooking dinner will send me into a lot of pain the next day, so trying to avoid too much, but seriously I really feel lazy!! I am always hungry, and feeling guilty because I eat things that are not healthy, like I just finished off a root beer float, it was so good, but now I regret it!! The baby is moving and kicking a lot too, I love it! Ds is going through some major terrible two issues now and that is not helping me with my ever changing mood, he turns two in a week 1/2 so I am not surprised, plus there has been lot more talk about the new baby, today he asked to nurse and wanted me to rock him like a baby, It breaks my heart to see him so unsure, but I am trying to offer all the love and affection I have right now, which doesn't leave a lot for dh right now. Sorry for such a dreary update, but this is my life presently, waiting for the sun to shine a bit here, in several ways!
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i'm feeling BIG and rolling over at night and getting out of bed is becoming more of a chore. also my ribs and lower back start aching after i sit a lot at work. the heartburn is coming and going....i guess depending on which way the baby is. last week i was sure he was head down and i could feel the butt on the left side and lots of kicks on the upper right side. and then this weekend i haven't felt much of anything so i think he is just kicking my placenta right now

i have an appointment tomorrow with the ob. it'll just be the 15-min how are you doing thing. i'm curious about my weight gain because i'm eating us out of house and home i'm ravenous! trying to control it and make good choices...but you know.

we are interviewing a doula on wednesday and i am really excited. i hope we like her the one i spoke with on the phone really pumped up my confidence telling me that since my first labor went so well i must be cut out for birthing and that 2nd labors are usually about half the time. i am a mega WUSS and as i get closer and closer to the birth i am getting more scared. i know exactly how badly it will hurt this time (unlike last time where i couldn't really imagine it). i'm a scardycat : but the thought that this could be a lot shorter duration of pain is quite appealing!!!!!!! (of course you never know...but one can hope)

i've been doing very little socially. i'm in major homebody mode. just wanting to do sewing and crafty things. i wish i could find the nesting urge to DEEP clean the fridge and clean out the medicine and bathroom cabinets. maybe it will come to me soon
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subbin...more when I've caught up!
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Hi ladies!

Geez, Jillian, I'm feeling silly for saying "don't worry!" about your down low feelings...it all just sounded so familiar to me! I'm glad that you listened to your instincts, and that things worked out.

Neve and White Wax...we are just finishing our 26th week (it's like birthdays, the numbers come with completion!), and are starting our 27th week! Just a few more til our third trimester!

I am feeling good lately- got a professional hour massage today, which felt great! Slow, like everyone else, and groaning when I have to move in bed (after procrastinating for at least 30 minutes). I am carrying low like always, and it starts to feel real heavy about this time.

I saw the National Geographic video "In the Womb" the other night, which was mostly boring but the info on baby's movement was interesting- apparently at about 24 weeks (gestation, so that's 26 weeks pregnant- me now) the baby's nerves finally get completely linked between the brain and the muscles. Before that time, the muscles are really just spasming and the baby has no control over their movement. So I've been feeling the past few days like the baby is just freaking out in there, walking along the wall of my uterus and punching too, and it all feel so much stronger and frequent than before. Well, tada, the baby's movements are now intentional! I just thought this was super cool info. At this point, the baby is moving just like it will after birth, with the walking reflex and grabbing its face, sticking its tongue out...amazing.

My big news, I guess, is that I'm finally feeling like I can be honest with myself and my support circle and request that our midwife not come to the birth. Nothing personal with her, I just want an unassisted/undirected birth. I did last time, too, but had a midwife anyway. This time I'm going to listen to my heart and not spend any more time searching for some rational explanation of why I want what I want! So hopefully the midwife will agree to stay on call for us in case something is out of the ordinary (like I don't go into labor or it stalls or something odd). My last birth was under 2 hours, so it's likely we'd end up birthing before she got here anyway! It's just been such a relief since I have claimed my truth with this birth and I'm feeling great about it!

I ordered my Haute Pocket diapers and prefolds from the Montana Diaper Store, and my birth supplies from In His Hands, since we got our tax return! I am getting really excited about the birth, the baby...!!!!!!!!!
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Robin - hope your puppy is ok!

Pancakes & food - I too am utterly famished. I could eat pratically anything at the moment. I even have a headache which I am attributing to low blood sugar (I get that a lot!). Will go to bed instead ... well maybe a banana first.

I hit 24 weeks this past weekend - can't believe how fast it is all going. I am still in partial denial that I am actually pregnant - I have three kiddos - the oldest turns five a few weeks before this baby - so it seems unreal that I am pregnant and closing in on the due date. That positive pregnancy tests seems not that long ago - how can it only be 3 1/2 mnths until due date.

I am in full research mode on the homebirth plans - 2 epidural births and one hospital but drug-free and home in less than 3hours for the the third birth. So, why not just stay home for #4 ... I actually have a fear of an unassisted birth (not my cup of tea) because this baby will probably come even faster and I will deny 'real' labour even longer this time around.
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Jilian--I hope your baby stays calm and stays in the right place for many more weeks.

Things are pretty good here, though I do wish spring would come soon. I'm not as hungry as I have been over the last few weeks, but I am craving chocolate more now than I did then. Recently my right hip has started to hurt a lot at night, and I'm trying to look on the bright side of this, which is that I'm much more comfortable sleeping on my left now. I'm now doing prenatal yoga once a week (in addition to lots of walking every day) so I hope that will help a bit.

Also trying to figure out whether to go back to teaching part-time in the fall, or take a semester off. I would love to stay at home full time but don't know if we can afford it right now.

DH felt the baby kick for the first time a few days ago (on the anniversary of our first date .) He had been feeling offended that she wouldn't kick for him, so he's much happier now that she seems to be paying attention to him too.
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I must say that there are too many posts to comment on every one but I think just about every ones post made me giggle for some reason!

Md's Pancakes, Rolling over and groaing (I do it all the time!!!), feeling 90 years old, Missing a chunk of tooth... well that one wasn't funny so much as I remember being told "have a baby, lose a tooth" first time around... same thing happened to me where part of one of my molars broke off when I was chewing some gum one day with DD...It REALLLLLLYYYY freaked me out!! I have alot of dreams where my teeth fall out and it really upsets me! I left work and ran to the dentist that day to have it fixed! Not sure if it was a cavity or not but it still really upset me!

I just feel like I can relate to how every one is feeling! Glad to know I'm not alone. DP is in the other room watching TV and he called in "What do you keep giggling about" and I read him the post about rolling over and groaning... he laughed and said "Hey you do that too!"

mataji4that is really cool about the intentional movements now!! thanks for sharing that piece of info!

A while back some one had posted a website where there was a changing pictures of how the baby was growing week by week... any one know the website I'm talking about? I would love to see it now!
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