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Originally Posted by WhiteWax View Post
I have alot of dreams where my teeth fall out and it really upsets me!
Me too!!! They FREAK me out. All of a sudden all my teeth just start crumbling out of my mouth. My MIL gets them too... my husband think we're nuts!
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Oh yeah. love that dream. :
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cool mataj4 thanks for sharing that!!
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I am having a little bit of a freakout. We'd be thinking about moving and we got the call this morning that everything is a go for the new house. I'm still SO UNDECIDED about it! Having a homebirth is playing a huge part in this decision and I'm really worried we're going to move there and hate it.

I just need someone to tell me it will be fine, we'll love having a ton more space, and to just DO IT. LOL!
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Yes Mataji that's the one I was thinking of! thanks for reposting it! That's really cool to see the difference like that... and to see how squished everything gets inside there!

I've read that the teath falling out dream means your feeling insecure about your appearance in some way.... I think i've read something else but that's the one that seems to come up the most! They are AWEFUL dreams though!!! I always wake up and ask DP if my teath are all still there and then I wiggle them to make sure they're not lose in anyway!!!
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Thanks for all the well wishes for our puppy's recovery. She is on some pain medication for the next two weeks and she's supposed to be on "bed rest" for three weeks. Any ideas on how to keep a dog in bed for three weeks?!?! We also have to deliver her food and water for the next couple of days in addition to carrying her outside to go potty. (I keep telling myself it's good training for motherhood!) I'm just grateful it isn't anything more serious-I was starting to feel like such a bad pet mommy.
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Ugh...I've gained four pounds in the last WEEK! I'm trying not to stress over weight gain (I eat well and there are bigger stressors in my life right now) but last time round I gained close to 70 pounds (mostly water retention) and am really afraid that the bloating has begun. By the middle of the 7th month last time I had "muppet legs"...basically a leg that turned into a foot with no ankle in sight. And I hated it.

So now although I'm not thrilled about the "rapid gain" (I've been more or less a pound a week till now and very happy about it) I'm mostly afraid that this marks the beginning of the end for my ankles. I don't really have the time to exercise more between work, caring for my toddler, rehabbing/selling our house, finding a new house, helping DH stay balanced, and caring for my father (who may have early onset alzheimers, or vascular dementia...we'll be seeing a specialist on the 8th of March). Well...I just hope that thinking positive thoughts about ankles "counts" as exercise and that the universe is willing to cut me some slack on this one!

My care provider has been really laid back about weight, but I'm worried that they're going to see this as a possible red flag for pre-e or some other problem and that they might be less gung ho about my vbac as a result. Grrrrr....what a pain! Here's hoping everything evens out and I don't gain too much more in the next three weeks.
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Clay, you aren't alone. I gained 4 lbs in 10 days. I'm just now gaining, so I'm up about 5 lbs total, but I was seriously freaking out. I thought my scale was broken. LOL
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I was really getting into the "one pound a week" groove and to suddenly jump 4 pounds in a week. Ack! I tell myself the babe is growing in leaps and bounds, but I've also checked my ankles a dozen times today. I'm pretty sure my DH thinks I've gone mad!
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Originally Posted by Marvelleaux View Post
Neve~ Your nursury sounds so cute! But where the heck are you getting the energy to paint?!?! Can you share some of it with me???
Are you kidding me? Hubby will be taking over that job!!!
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Originally Posted by AnnD View Post
I am in full research mode on the homebirth plans - 2 epidural births and one hospital but drug-free and home in less than 3hours for the the third birth. So, why not just stay home for #4 ... I actually have a fear of an unassisted birth (not my cup of tea) because this baby will probably come even faster and I will deny 'real' labour even longer this time around.
Hi AnnD,

That is interesting that you have had so many different birth experiences. I would love to hear more about why you chose to go drug free, and now want to be at home. This is my first and I'm having a hospital, drug free birth (that is the plan anyway!).
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Today I was hit with a bout of fatigue all of a sudden. Around 11:30 am, I was SOOO tired, after lunch, I put DS down for his nap an hour early and slept 2 hours myself. Baby Glooby must be doing something important.

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Oh what a day: I live in the mountains and we got hit with big snow storm overnight, I had to make it to town wich is a drive down a mountain canyon this morning with ds. I noticed my tire felt low, so pulled over to find a screw in it, UUUUggghhh!! There was no way I could drive it, luckily a friend noticed me on the side of the rode and gave ds and I a ride to town to my comitment, this was so wonderful, perfect timing and all. I was watching a little boy a year older than ds, (I trade childcare with a woman for a massage) the little devil was, well, a little devil today and I had just about had it with him after the 3 hours!! So I got a ride from his dad to the bus station to catch a bus home, no big deal ds LOVES to ride on the bus, EXCEPT the bus was 30 mins late, ds has his 3rd poop of the day and I have no extra diapers ( I used all of them already), on top of that he is suffering from a major bad rash because he had strawberries with the sitter the night before, (the only thing he is allergic to):. So needless to say he was a bit crabby because of that and tired as it was an hour past his usual nap time. So the bus finally shows up, I sit up front so I could hopefully use my pregnant belly and tired ds to persuade him to drop me off at my car so that I could drive it home (which was 2 mins away from where I left it). Well we were driving up the very icy canyon and the bus driver very sternly said to me that "your son needs to be seated at all times"!! Ok I understand that, it is a safety issue, so of course I complied. However ds is not willing to sit because of his diaper issue, and ladies if you have ever tried to make a 2 year old sit who is tired and in pain well you know your asking for trouble. Ds threw a fit, I knew that if I let him get out his cry a bit that he would soon realize that there was no compromise. (poor ds )So anyway not much into his cry the driver turns to me and very, very, very rudely says "you are going to to have to take him to the back as his screaming is hurting my head and I can't concentrate." This was no "I am sorry, but I need to be able to hear, would you mind going to the back until he calms down please?" This was a viciously rude way to address me. Not to mention if he were to have gotten in an accident while I was "waddling" to the back of the bus with ds we could have been VERY hurt. I was so mad and embarressed that when I got off I said to him "sir you are not the only one having a hard day today"! What is your name, I am going to file a formal complaint!" He said "go ahead and file a complaint, but I did it for all of our safety" And I said "then you needed to say that in a civil way!" and then stormed off the bus! I swear I never, ever, ever, talk back to people like that, but this guy messed with the wrong pregnant woman today!! I got home called dh and cried for 20 mins to him, and what a sweety he just listened to me. So thank you for reading if you made it this far, I just needed to share a bit of what my pregnancy hormones amplified into a mess for me.
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Big hugs (to you AND your little one) and hopes that you have a wonderful, peaceful, restful, restorative evening. Or at least a good night's sleep...

I hope you really do follow through and contact the bus company. I know the driver probably thought he was within his rights, but there are ways to address the situation that don't wind up with hurt feelings! At the least, the bus company should apologize. Oh, and sometimes a letter to the editor of a local paper is a great way to vent...and it can sometimes turn a real crud experience into a positive forum for discussion.
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I got my first heartburn of this pregnancy yesterday. It is still curable by a couple of Tums, but I know where this is heading. Oh sigh!

Herbmama--so sorry for your miserable trip. I call/write to companies all the time. I've worked in customer service off and on since I was 13 years old in my family's business (almost 20 years of it now!) and so my expectations are reasonable (I'm VERY nice to CS workers) but strict (I want to see an EFFORT at competence and good manners.) Writing the letter might produce results, and it will definitely make you feel better. Be sure you address it to the VP of customer relations (or similar level)--never write/call the regular "customer service" number. They mostly ignore those.

When the freight delivery guy refused to use his dolly to lift an expensive ($1000!) appliance over the threshold into our basement entrance for me on Monday, I got hysterical. Luckily, it had stopped snowing, but everything was wet. He just didn't want to help, and I took it very personally, though he didn't actually have any obligation to deliver "inside the house".

Ah, hormones!

Be well everyone! And be mellow. I've had a tearful, sensitive week...

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Wow, it sounds like most of us are having a bad week. I hope the weekend is better for everyone.

I'm still hanging in here on bed rest for a while. Contractions have slowed down a lot and my cervix hasn't changed from it's soft/fingertip dilated/anterior position. My MW gave me a whole bunch of things to do to calm my uterus and I'm doing them all. I think they're working. And babe is still breech so that is a good thing - no big head applied to my cervix

We're all gonna have a great weekend, I can feel it!
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