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After everything...

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It looks like I might get induced tomorrow morning anyway. I just got home from my bi weekly AFI and NST. We left the hospital against their advisement. My fluid measured a 2. The NST was still good but the midwife on call wanted me to stay overnight at least for monitoring, until my midwife comes on call at 7am at which time they'd start pitocin. So I left at my "own risk" and got a lot of scary stuff thrown at me. (She really DID seem nervous)
Anyway I agreed to come back at 7am to be induced, but my plan is to have my midwife have do a palpation and then maybe request another sonogram. I'm just not comfortable with the girl who did it today. The other one usually double and triple checks and this one only did it once and was very quick to accept the number. So...I went with my instincts (I think) and left but I am an emotional wreck with the fact that in less than 12 hours I could be on a pitocin drip. After all my ranting and raving about inductions...
I just don't know how comfortable I am, going on indefinitely with a fluid number of 2. It's a risk analysis at this point and it's looking like one that I may not be comfortable taking. I'm not happy either way I guess. Please send me hard labor vibes tonight!


I'm home you guys and I have the Lucy Elizabeth with me. It will take a lot of thinking on my part to be able to do the whole experience justice with words. I'll post the birth story as soon as I feel able to do this. I'll also link to pics asap. It didn't go as planned but my phenomenal midwives and doula were pure gold.
I love you all and thank you so much for the support.
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: Labor for MotherWren : Labor for MotherWren : Labor for MotherWren : Labor for MotherWren : Labor for MotherWren : Labor for MotherWren : Labor for MotherWren : Labor for MotherWren

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I'm sorry!!! Facing induction is no fun at all! I hope things all work out for you... lots of labor vibes coming your way but if it doesn't start on your own, I know you will make all the decisions you need to make to keep you and your baby safe and healthy...
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labour vibes to you, dear.
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Thanks guys
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Sending you lots of labor vibes! I am facing an induction as well... and while it may not be the BEST thing, at least you get to meet that precious child!! I cried to my husband about my possible induction this morning, but in the grand scheme of things... I get to have a BABY even if it is with pitocin!!

Still, I am very much hoping that we both get the kind of births we are wanting
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i wish i could have seen this earlier... what about taking some castor oil tonight?

might save you a pitocin induction.

good luck, whatever you decide. i'll light a candle on my birth altar for you.
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Would you consider maybe skipping the induction tomorrow and instead go for some acupuncture? I've heard great things about it bringing on labor naturally, especially in combination with castor oil and homeopathic black and blue cohosh. You seem really desperate to avoid a hospital induction, otherwise I wouldn't suggest it. It worked for a lot of people I know personally.
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Thank you Honey for the candle . I never did castor oil but I have been doing EPO for quite awhile and had my membranes stripped. And DreamsInDigital thanks for the suggestion. I've been getting accupressure pretty steadily since Saturday though. My aunt who does it professionally is staying with me. It proably HAS helped. Baby's super low and hopefully I'll get a fantastic Bishop score.
If when my midwife does a palpation and feels fluid, I'm comin' home
For now though, I'm headed in.
I'll update asap.
Thanks everybody for the support. I'm feeling pretty ok this a.m. so your well wishes must have made a difference. .
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Thinking of you this morning.
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Anxiously awaiting an update.
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Fingers crossed, sweetie. I pray everything goes as well as it possibly can for you and baby.
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You are still in our thoughts & prayers!
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just wanted to let you all know that i was able to hook wren up with a great doula, who hopefully will help her avoid a c-section. (and other nasty interventions)

not much of an update, but it's good to know a birthing attendant will be with her who is looking out for her only.
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