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If anyone else needs a girl name, here are our choices, I'm happy to share, since it looks like I won't be using them.
Liliana -this one is my favorite!
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Ok, I've managed to at least come up with some that I like, but DH doesnt like anything i suggest, and of course, he doesnt have any names to throw out there!!

Graham, Cooper and Miles are currently making my boys list.

Raegan Summer is my top pick for a girl, and I love the name Sierra but dont like it with Summer for the middle (and I've always wanted to use the name Summer for a middle, it was my best friends middle and I love summertime!)

I love all the ideas from this thread, at least gets me thinking about this subject!!
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Landonsmom- At one point I got so frustrated with dh not liking my name ideas and not giving any that I told him we were making a list of names, and that I was going to put down 4 names, he could only cross off a name he didn't like if he added one he did like- and baby's name would come from the final list we had at birth. Just thought I'd share- he did come up with a name or 2 and suddenly liked some of the ones I did- LOL.
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Hey thats pretty good thinking!!!

lol I top DexP that if he didn't come up with a list I would just name the baby Imogene like I want to!!! He said he'd make a list!
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I've always loved names that have a "traditional" nickname but actually stand for something else...

Like DH has some old school friends named Thad and Ben. Which are short for Benedict and Thaddeus. And I know a Theo whose full name is Theoderic. And I went to school with a girl name "Mata" (not that that is a common nickname)...her full name was Immaculata.

Speaking of Lord of the Rings names (I'm in the "read the trilogy every year since I learned to read" group of Tolkien junkies....my brother and I actually learned elvish/Quenya as kids and used it as our "secret" language, and my tattoo is written in Quenya)...I always wanted a daughter named Eleanor after the flower and Sam's daughter, but somehow it just doesn't seem to work out.
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