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Had the babies...

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Willow Katherine and Adam Isaac were born 2/22 at 1:07 and 1:08 PM. Willow was 7#2, Adam was 6#12... smaller than we'd expected by their birth times and my sig I guess you can gather that my birth didn't go anything like I'd planned... I labored for 16 hours, pushed for 4 hours, all at home completely natural... Willow would not descend. Went in the hospital, laid in a bed begging someone to kill me for 3 hours (7 hours of transition, all with completely useless, incredibly painful involuntary pushing... not something I want to remember or relive Turned out she was breech and twisted funny, one leg bent and one leg straight up by her head (one MW had assured me CONSTANTLY that she was head down and anterior and when they put the scalpel into my uterus to start cutting, my uterine scar from my first c-section opened itself all the way up ("like a zipper unzipping, the OB said!) and Willow literally fell out, getting nicked by the scalpel on the way. Adam followed in a much less dramatic fashion and their entrances into the world are already an insight into their personalities- Willow is the feisty one, Adam's the calm one

For being a HB transfer I was treated amazingly well and my hospital experience was a good one, the OB who treated me is one of the nicest ladies I have ever met and a great doctor, the nurses were great (and anti-circ, woo!) the whole situation, despite being not as we had planned, was good and I feel no regret. I did everything I could. I got through a relatively long labor, which was euphoric and amazing and exhilirating to me... I feel still like I ran a marathon, and I DID IT. I dilated to 10 and I pushed my butt off for four hours. By the time we decided to transfer I had been awake over 24 hours and was falling asleep between contractions, sitting up in a chair, almost falling out of the chair every time- and I still managed to gather myself enough composure to go face the hospital and what would happen there. Honestly, I feel like a warrior, I feel no shame or sadness over this cesarean like I did with my first. I know I did what I could and the fact that it didn't work out is beyond my control.

My recovery is going remarkably well, I feel great for being 5 days post-surgery. The babies are remarkably easy. Breastfeeding isn't going as well as we'd hoped but I am pumping and working my butt off to get them on 100% breast and we're doing pretty well at it- Willow has a high palate and really shallow latch and I'm repairing the damage from the first few days of that- not fun. They're easy babies, waking mostly only to eat and get diapers, which is a nice surprise since I was sure I'd get screamers this time since my oldest was an easy babe too- I guess I'm just lucky!

I hope everyone else is well and that lots of sweet babies have been welcomed since I was away I am going to try to do some catching up on here soon, but it might be hard... three kids 2 and under is as demanding and wonderful as I'd thought it would be and is taking all of my energy and time at this point
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Congrats x2 Mama! Way to cook those babies and you worked so hard you deserve a big
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Congrats! You are such a strong mama!
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oh my goodness... glad you and babies (and your womb) are okay.

my nipple blisters from callisto healed in 10 days.
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wtg, mama! I'm so proud of you and happy for you. what a wonderful relief that you were able to handle your c/s with such grace. such a shame about positioning-you ARE a warrior!!!!!
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You gave it your best. You should feel great about that! Congrats on your sweet ones! Put some pics up when you get the chance!
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Congratulations, mama! I'm sorry things didn't go the way you'd planned, but so glad you have two strong, healthy babies!
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I am so proud of you!! Congratulations on the birth of Willow & Adam
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I'm so glad that everyone is okay! Sounds like they had quite the dramatic entrance into the world. I hope your recovery goes smoothly. Enjoy those babies and keep us updated when you can.
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I think you are just awesome!!! Congratulations on the birth of Willow and Adam!!
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Welcome Willow and Adam! And congratulations to the family!
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Congratulations!! I have to agree you are a warrior. 7 hours of transition, ouch!!! Welcome Adam and Willow!
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Oh my!!! I had a long transition with DS (no 7 hours but it was at least a couple!!) along with involuntary pushing and it was AWFUL!!! You ARE warrior birth mama!! I'm so glad your babies are here though... enjoy them!!
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Congratulations on your new babies!
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Congratulations, I'm so happy to read that you have no regrets.

As for the breastfeeding, I KNOW you can do it. Much love from BTN.
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