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Anyway -- here's the update.

DSS's mother ended up taking him into the doctor -- the skin surrounding the wound had become red, warm to the touch and swollen. The wound was cleaned, and they provided an antibotic cream to apply. She refused TIG, but the dr. provided information on symptoms to look for during the incubation period (headaches, muscle spasm, etc., etc.)

We are basically keeping our fingers crossed, and hoping that she is keeping a close eye on DSS (as early treatment is important).
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I'm not sure how long he'll be with his mom but if you are concerned about tetanus you'll need to watch it when he gets back with you too

The time between an injury and the occurrence of the first symptoms is typically less than two weeks but may range from 5 days to 15 weeks.
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I'm glad to hear he got checked out, and I hope knowing that his mother took care of that and has some advice on what to watch for helps you feel a little less worried.
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I hope your DSS is doing well.

We don't vax. If my DD was injured in the way you described I would 1) check for the wound to bleed (and maybe help it along a little) 2) wash it 3) hydrogen peroxcide it. Then I would watch and wait - but not worry about tetanus at all as long as I felt good about steps 1-3.

I would watch for signs of general infection and go from there.

When will your DSS return from his trip?

Most people who have issues with it in this country are women over the age of 50 - worsening circulation as they age - so I worry more about my mom, the gardener!

Best to your family.
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