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Originally Posted by paisley View Post
Aha! I looked at the calendar again and they made a typo! They forgot to color in the new moon symbol on the 19th. I feel so much smarter now.
lol!!! damn those crayons!
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According to tradition (OK, well my last two births) my baby will come on March 19, the new moon. Both my other kids were born on a new moon.

I remember with my DD, L&D was sooo busy the night she was born. My doctor alone attended somewhere around 12 births that night. I had to labor a good while in the waiting room til they could get me a birthing suite. :

DS was born at home, but I remember the full moon coming and going and I just knew he'd come on the new moon. We went to dinner that night, came home and DtD. My GMIL told me it was supposed to storm that night and a storm would bring on the baby. Well all that combined, he was born that night!

So now I just need DH here, a thunderstorm, spicy food, and the new moon. LOL
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Interestingly, my latest due date is 3/3. (They started with 2/19, but U/s, if we can believe it, says 3/3 is more accurate.) And I've been thinking I'll go into labor early in the morning on 3/4 and have baby by 6:00AM or so. That would be cool!
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I'm hoping for a full moon baby even though I would just be 38 weeks so probably not. My midwife said she sees more babies born when the barometric pressure drops vs. full moons.
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Originally Posted by mamafish9 View Post
what are the chances we will be able to SEE the eclipse in the rainy NW??
yah, plus it happens at 3:17 in the afternoon, here... but--we'll KNOW it's happening...somewhere. out there.

i'm curious to see how many of us actually do have our babes this weekend. we could do an informal study to see out of how many moms due this month, how many had their babies within X days of the full moon. is that too scientific and stupid??? sounded good when i thought of it, and then as i typed, it just got dumber and dumber. ok, :yawning:, time for
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I googles full moon and babies... stistically no more babies are born on the full moon I'm a week over due and was hoping it would push me over the edge. UGH
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I'm really hoping this guys born (or I'm at least in labor) on/by Monday morning... why? Cause' I have 3 stinking doctors appointments only 2 of which I can possibly get to... and I don't really have ANY desire to go to any of them Sad, I know!! Though it really would be cool if he was born on the full moon... lousy contractions ended last night ::sniffle:: I was SOO hopeful!!
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Last night I actually thought I might have a full moon baby. I was at a family wedding and I started having contractions, but they never materialized into anything regular. It was funny though, and would have made such a great story--big family wedding, snowstorm, AND full moon!
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Full moon is over. No baby. Waaaaaah!
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